List of workshops

T01 - Policy Process , Policy & Politics, Policymaking, Policy implentation

W01 - Overreaction in Politics and Policy
Moshe Maor -
Bryan Jones -
W02 - The politics of Solution Definition: Shaping the hidden side of the Policy Agenda
Philippe Zittoun -
Nicholas Buchanan -
Frank Fischer -
W03 - Bad Governance, State Capacity Deficits and Public Policy Management Problems in Developing Countries: What Do We Know?
Luciano Andrenacci -
Julian Bertranou -
W04 - Managing technological change in public policies and public sector modernization
Giancarlo Vecchi -
Marco Di Giulio -
W05 - 'Why Should I Comply?' The Role of Policy Targets in the Policy Process
Anat Gofen -
W06 - Portability of “Western” Policy Theories
Fritz Sager -
Christopher Weible -
W07 - Bringing policy actors back in. Relevance and prospects of actor-centered approaches in policy studies
Joseluis Mendez -
Patrick Hassenteufel -
W08 - Policy Feedback and Policy Dynamics: Methodological and Theoretical Challenges
Sebastian Sewerin -
Benjamin Cashore -
Daniel Béland -
W09 - The causes and effects of policy learning: Building an interdisciplinary theory
Claire Dunlop -
Stéphane Moyson -
Claudio Radaelli -
W10 - Institutional innovation to tackle complex public problems in Latin America
MARIA Zurbriggen -
María Mancebo -
W11 - Governance Modes, Policy Styles and Policy Mixes: Next Generation Policy Instrument Studies
MIchael Howlett -
Giliberto Capano -