T02P17 - Policy Tools for Environment and Social Policies

Topic : Comparative Public Policy

Panel Chair : M Ramesh - mramesh@nus.edu.sg

Panel Second Chair : Namrata Chindarkar - namrata.chindarkar@nus.edu.sg

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

The tools approach to public policy has a long history but only recently has it begun to address complex questions of tools mixes and tool portfolios. Rather than focus on selecting a single tool which has historically characterized studies in the areas, recent studies focus on mix of tools as well as hybrid tools that combine elements of different kinds of tools. They recognize that many contemporary policy problems are often too complex for binary comparisons and scoring for the purpose of selecting the most effective tool. They acknowledge that a concert of tools – substantive, procedural, behavioral nudge, and so on ‑ are required to address the different types of behavior that often lie at the source of the problem. These complexities in the substance and context of design and selection of policy tools choice are most evident in the areas of environment and social policies.

Call for papers

The panel invites theoretical and empirical papers on the design of policy tools for meeting environmental and social policy challenges.

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