T02P28 - Governance Challenges in Institutional Performance and Public Policy

Topic : Comparative Public Policy

Panel Chair : Gambhir Bhatta - gbhatta@adb.org

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

The objective of the panel is to explore the nature of governance challenges of less developed countries in Asia and the Pacific in the broad areas of public policy making and institutional performance. How have different countries (both middle-income and low-income) addressed issues of participation, accountability, and transparency in their work? What role do institutions play, and how can they be strengthened? What types of incentives can be put in place to enhance institutional performance, and what specific roles can the governments play in this regard. These questions have been in the development agenda of many bilateral and multilateral development institutions.

Call for papers

This panel requests papers from researchers and practitioners that dwell specifically in the areas of governance, public policy, and institutional performance. Papers may be more general/theoretical or empirical although there is preference for cross-country learning in the papers. The goal is to assemble a set of papers that inform the work of multilateral institutions, such as the ADB, in enhancing institutional performance.


Key research questions to be addressed will include: (a) What are the main risks in institutional development in countries in Asia and the Pacific that constrain efforts at achieving the sustainable development goals? (b) How can different approaches to the political economy of institutional development be better understood and contextualized for developing countries? (c) What are considered to be good practices in institutional development and how can they be adapted to other jurisdictions? (d) Should the machinery of government itself be targeted for changes in order to bring about more enabling conditions at the organization level in developing countries?

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