T17aP13 - Financing Long-Term Care for the Elderly in Asia

Topic : Sectorial Policy - Health

Panel Chair : Xun Wu - wuxun@ust.hk

Panel Second Chair : Wei Yang - wei.yang@kcl.ac.uk

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

Ageing populations pose serious challenges for the long-term care (LTC) systems in Asia. Financing and provision of LTC is an increasingly important concern for many Asian countries experiencing rapid population ageing. Generally, LTC systems adopt one of the broad financing models of tax-based systems, social insurance, means-tested method, although hybrid or mixed financing models are also common. In the face of a potential rise in LTC expenditure representing an increasing share in health budgets, some countries with an existing social health insurance system have considered LTC as a new risk and established a stand-alone LTC insurance system. Japan and South Korea introduced their respective LTC insurance systems in the 2000s, Taiwan is also moving towards this direction. Other models, such as means-tested method and taxation, are being adopted in other countries to finance the LTC system, such as China.


The objectives of the panel are listed as follows:
1. Improve the understanding of different options for designing a financing system for LTC in Asia
2. Foster thinking in innovative methods in LTC financing
3. Promote the sharing of evidence on LTC financing policy
4. Promote international comparative policy analysis to encourage evidence-based policy making



Call for papers

This panel invites papers that can systematically and empirically address key issues in financing long-term care (LTC) for the elderly in Asia , including but not limited to the following areas:
1. Economics in financing LTC
2. Assessment of different LTC financing models
3. Financing LTC for rural population
4. Equity and efficiency in LTC financing
5. Service commissioning in LTC

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