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 The international scholars





 Guy Peters earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He is currently the Maurice Falk  Professor of  American Government at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Peters has also served as a  research professor at the    University Center for International Studies (UCIS), and an honorary  professor at City University of Hong Kong. He      currently teaches courses on public policy and  American and comparative politics. His research focuses on  public policy and administration and  American administration policy. He is the author or editor of over 60 books in  political science, and a  founding editor of the European Political Science Review and of Governance.  He has been  a guest  professor in universities in almost every country in Europe and a number in Latin America  and Asia.









Laura Chaqués Bonafont is Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona, and research fellow at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). She is leading the research group “Quality of Democracy” aimed to analyze the int errelation between the governmental, parliamentarian and media agendas across time, issues, countries and levels of government in Spain in a comparative perspective. The project establishes a link between policy dynamics research and other areas of concern within political science, mainly media studies, political representation and the quality of democracy in multilevel systems of governance. It also provides new tools for the development of quantitative measurement of policy dynamics. Her last book is Agenda Dynamics in Spain (Palgrave 2015 with Frank Baumgartner and A. Palau). Her work also appears in top academic journals like Comparative Political Studies, The British Journal of Political Science, West European Politics, Political Communication, or the Journal of Public Policy among others. At present her main research interests are the analysis of agenda dynamics in a comparative perspective paying especial attention to the role of the media, and interest groups, and the analysis of the quality of democracy in multilevel systems of governance. To do that, she collaborates actively with the comparative agendas project, aimed to provide new tools for the quantitative analysis of agenda dynamics across time, countries, policy issues and levels of governance, and the Comparative interest group survey. In 2014 she won the ICREA academia prize. 





  Frank Fischer has until recently been Distinguished Professor of Politics and Global Affairs at  Rutgers University in the USA. Currently, he is Associated Social Science Scholar at the Institute  for Advanced  Sustainability Studies in Potsdam and research scholar at the Institute of Social  Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin. He is co-editor of Critical Policy Studies journal and  Handbook of Public Policy Series editor for Edward Elgar. In addition to widely lecturing around the  world on environmental politics and policy analysis, he has published 16 books and numerous  essays. These include Citizens, Experts and the Environment (Duke 2000), Reframing Public Policy:  Discursive Politics and Deliberative Practices (Oxford 2003), Handbook of Public Policy Analysis:  Theory, Politics and Methods, co-edited with Mara Sidney and Gerald Miller (Taylor and Francis  2006), Democracy and Expertise: Reorienting Policy Inquiry (Oxford 2009), The Argumentative   Turn Revisited: Public Policy as Communicative Practice, co-edited with Herbert Gottweis (Duke  2012), the Handbook of Critical Policy Studies, co-edited with Douglas Torgerson, Anna Durnova  and Michael Orsini ( Elgar 2015) and Climate Crisis and the Democratic Prospect (Oxford 2017). In  addition to research in the United States and Germany, he has conducted field research in India,  Nepal and Thailand on citizen participation and local ecological knowledge. He has also received numerous awards, including the Harold Lasswell Award for contributions to the field.






 M. Ramesh is Professor of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. Previously, he served as the Chair Professor of Governance and Public Policy at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Hong Kong, and Chair of the Department of Government at the University of Sydney. Specializing in public policy and governance in Asia with a particular focus on social policy, Ramesh has authored and edited many books. His co-authored book "Studying Public Policy" has been translated into many languages including Portuguese (Política pública seus ciclos e subsistemas). His books and journal articles on social policy in Asia are the standard starting points for research on the subject. He is the founding Editor of the journal Policy and Society and serves on the editorial board of several reputed journals. Moreover, he has served as consultant to prominent international organizations, in addition to serving International Public Policy Association and other international professional organizations in an executive capacity






 Charlotte Halpern holds a Ph.D. in political science and is an FNSP Associate Research Professor  (full tenure) at Sciences Po, Centre d’études européennes et de politique comparée (CEE), CNRS,  France. She teaches courses on public policy analysis, comparative urban governance and EU  policy-making. She has undertaken extensive research on state restructuring, policy change and  the selection of policy instruments, mainly in the field of environmental, transport and  infrastructure policies in Europe and South America. Recent research projects included CREATE, a  European-funded project (under Horizon 2020) on "Congestion reduction in Europe", SYRACUSE, a  project funded by the French National Research Agency on "Networked symbioses adapted to  sustainability-oriented urban contexts" and MEGOWAS on the "Metropolitan governance of water  systems" (funded under USPC-NUS joint research projects). She has co-edited several books (e.g.,  Policy analysis in France, Policy press, 2018 with P. Hassenteufel and P. Zittoun; Policy  instrumentation, Presses de Sciences Po, 2014 with P. Lascoumes and P. Le Galès), special issues and articles in academic journals (Comparative European Politics; West European Politics; Politique européenne; and chapters in peer-reviewed books. She is the scientific director of the Sciences Po Urban school’s Master program “Stratégies territoriales et urbaines” and of the Double Degree “Urban policies” with the London School of Economics.





 Giliberto CAPANO is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Bologna. He  has been (2003-2009) the Dean of Bologna University’s II Faculty of Political Science. He has been  member of the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association. (2009-2014).  He is co-founder and Treasurer of the International Public Policy Association (2014-2019). He is a  member of the Executive Committee of the European Consortium of Political Research (2018-2024)  He was previously the editor of  the “Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche” (Italian Public Policy  Journal) and he is co-editor of Policy & Society (since 2009). He is the Director of UNIRES (Italian  Centre for Research on Universities and Higher Education Systems) and the Chair of the COST Action  on  “Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science.His main research interests  are: theories of public policy, higher education policy, legislative behaviour,  public administration  reforms, and the policy-making role of interests’ groups, policy design, policy instruments. He has published nine  monographical studies  and edited 12  books  (2 in English, 10 in Italian), while his work in English has been published in several books and in journals such as: Higher Education, European Political Science, Journal of Legislative Studies, Public Administration,  Southern European Society and Politics, Higher Education Policy, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Comparative Education Review, Journal of European Public Policy, Policy Sciences. His last books are: (co-editor with M. Howlett and M. Ramesh) Varieties of Governance. Dynamics, Strategies, Capacities, Palgrave 2015; (co-author with M. Regini and M. Turri), Changing Governance in Universities, Palgrave-MacMillan 2016; (co-author with M. Regini and M. Turri), Salvare l'Università italiana, Il Mulino, 2017. 




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