T17aP06 - Conference in a Conference: Comparative Health Policy & Health Politics

Topic : Sectorial Policy - Health

Panel Chair : Kieke Okma - kiekeokma781@gmail.com

Panel Second Chair : Amardeep Thind - athind2@uwo.ca

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

This Conference in a Conference will host several sessions sponsored by RC 25 on comparative health policy and health politics. It will start with a session especially for young scholars and participants who present a paper for the first time. This will allow for a discussion of both the substance of the papers as well as the presentation itself.  Next, it includes a session to discuss issues of methodology regarding comparison in the field. Other sessions focus on expanding health care access and health care insurance in Asia and elsewhere. While the very term universal coverage has become widespread, it is not always well defined. It includes both the coverage of health care financing through general taxation or health insurance, both public and private, and universal access to actual health care services. Discussing both policy intentions and the outcomes of policies across countries will improve the understanding of this point.  

Finally, one or more sessions, depending on the interest, will discuss current policy topics in the field, including, for example, the development of regional health networks, health care manpower, aging and health care, medical ethical issues, gender issues and other. 


The new format of the Conference in a Conference sponsored by RC 25 thus links the general issues of methodology with the application in the field. It supports young scholars and first time presenters as well as experienced ones, and encourages collaboration between scholars. The format allows for more flexibility in allocating time to certain sessions and topics, depending on the number of participants and their interest. We hope that it will draw many participants!!  

Call for papers

The Conference in a Conference sponsored by RC 25 welcomes papers and proposals for discussion in the field of comparative health policy and health politics.

It will start with a session for young scholars and first timer presenters.

The next session will focus on methodological issues of comparison, addressing questions like: Why do we look at the experience of other nations, what can we learn from that experience? How do we characterize or categorize health care arrangements and policies? What theoretical approaches or models have proven useful as analytical tools for comparing health care policies across countries?

The third major theme is universal coverage of health insurance and health care. This has become a major policy issue across the world, and comparative studies show a wide range of policy directions and outcomes. We especially welcome papers that discuss experiences of Asian countries. In other parts of the world, too, there has been much change in current arrangements of the financing and delivery of health care, aimed to expand coverage or to improve the quality or efficiency or organization of care. Some change took place in nations that already had universal coverage of their population, others are seeking to expand that coverage to reach universal health insurance and health care.

Four, we welcome papers that address current topics in health policy and health politics, in particular addressed with a comparative perspective. Examples of such issues are the development of regional health networks, gender issues, health care manpower, aging and health care, medical ethical issues, and other. Depending on the interest and papers, we will organize one or more sessions to discuss those papers. 


We hope the new format of e Conference in a Conference will attract many participants. We would like to emphasize the comparative perspective of RC 25, and encourage collaboration between scholars across borders!  


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