2017 EGPA Annual Conference of the European Group for Public Administration in Milano (Italia), 30 August - 1 September 2017 Permanent Study Group XIV, EU Administration and Multilevel Governance

13/04/2017 Monnier Léa


Focal theme call for papers :


Network governance has for long been a central topic of European Union (EU) research. This year’s focal theme zooms into administrative networks in EU policy-making. How have European administrative networks unfolded over time and in specific policy areas? Why do they vary across policies, over time, in mandate, autonomy and impact? Are they effective instruments for implementation and compliance, and under what conditions? What are their implications for the legitimacy and accountability of European governance? And how useful are network theories and methodologies to understand EU administration? We will address these and related questions and related ones from both theoretical, conceptual and empirical perspectives. In addition, we explicitly welcome normative papers on the establishment and effects of European administrative networks. Finally, we especially encourage the submission of papers that investigate the dynamics of European administrative networks in less studied policy-sectors and less studied member states.


Besides papers on the special theme of this Annual Conference, we welcome papers of high quality that fall into the general research focus of the Permanent Study Group. The core theme of the PSG is multilevel administration and public management in a broader public policy framework. In this context, special attention is given to the European Union, which represents a particularly advanced, constantly evolving system of multilevel administration. More in particular, we seek to understand the evolving structures, actors and processes of EU multilevel administration. In doing so, we invite both empirical approaches that document and explain the dynamics of the EU multilevel administrative system, but also approaches that focus on their (normative) implications.
The PSG is committed to advance both theoretical conceptualisations of multilevel administrations and thorough empirical analyses in order to advance the area of research and the understanding about complex administrative processes and organisation. Comparative perspectives on change over time or between different systems and/or approaches are particularly welcomed.

Key dates and deadlines :
- Deadline for online submission of abstracts proposals: 8 May
- Deadline for submitting the complete papers: 1 August



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Co-chairs / Contact:

Ellen Mastenbroek, Professor of European Public Policy, Radboud University Nijmegen

E-mail: e.mastenbroek@fm.ru.nl

Gijs Jan Brandsma, Assistant Professor in European Politics and Administration, Utrecht University School of Governance, and Guest Professor in European Governance, University of Konstanz

E-mail: g.j.brandsma@uu.nl

Eva Heidbreder, Professor for Political Science / Multilevel Governance in Europe, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Mageburg

E-mail: eva.heidbreder@ovgu.de

Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen (guest co-chair), Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

E-mail: dm@ifs.ku.dk