Become an IPPA Institutional Member

For the 2024 Calendar Year 


Becoming an institutional member of IPPA would not only support our mission of organizing events and promoting the international diffusion of knowledge in public policy but also empower your institution to play a pivotal role in supporting public policy scholars.

By joining IPPA, you'll access exclusive benefits, including:

  1. Scholars Benefits: Grant discounted rates to scholars at your University to attend our upcoming events (ICPP, IWPP, Seasonal Schools). The discount is equivalent to that of individual members.
  2. Prominent Recognition: Your university's logo and a brief introduction will be featured on our high-traffic website, enhancing your institution's global visibility.
  3. Extensive Exposure: Your university's logo will be prominently displayed in our communication campaigns (half-page advertisement space in our event's official program, promotional materials, and social media), reaching a wide network of public policy scholars. We were present at or sent promotional materials for the following conferences: CPSA, ISA, IPSA, APSA, ECPR, NPSA
  4. Announcement Opportunities: Promote your university's activities, job openings, book releases, and more by publishing announcements on our website and in our bi-weekly newsletter, which reaches 18,000+ subscribers worldwide.
  5. Complimentary Publications: Receive two complimentary copies of each issue of our open-access journal, the International Review of Public Policy (IRPP), publishing three issues per year.
  6. Booth Space: Secure complimentary space at our traditional or virtual booths during our events. Our upcoming flagship event, the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP7) in Chiang Mai (2025), is anticipated to attract over 1300 professionals in the field.
  7. College Representation: Nominate a representative to join the College of the Association.

The institutional membership fee is €1,800 - the same rate since 2019. The membership runs on a yearly basis, it is non-refundable and cannot be prorated.

Your contribution is crucial to support the development of an international public policy network! We sincerely hope the activities and opportunities we offer will encourage your Institution to become a partner member of IPPA.

To become a new institutional member (or if you need further clarification), please contact us via email at

Who are our current institutional members?

Become an Official Sponsor of the IRPP!

Our Association is happy to publish a highly ranked online open-access journal and has chosen to grant its access for free to both authors and readers. However, this choice imposes a cost to IPPA, with several management and editing costs to cover each year. To continue to offer our journal free of charge on a long-term basis, the support of sponsors is crucial.

Therefore, while becoming an institutional member you can also become an official sponsor of the IRPP by adding 1,000€ to your yearly Institutional membership fee. You will appear among the official sponsors and encourage the development of the review.

Please note that only Institutional Members of the Association can become Official Sponsors of IRPP.

To become a new institutional member (or if you need further clarification), please contact us via email at

To Become an Institutional Member

  1. Log in to your IPPA account or create an account by clicking here
  2. After logging in to your account, return to this page ("become an institutional member" page). You will see at the bottom of the page the options you to have pay for the institutional membership (credit card of bank transfer) and the total amount. 
  3. Select the option 'Become an official sponsor of the IRPP' if you want to support the review

Become an IPPA Institutional Member

Become an IPPA Institutional Member


IPPA Institutional Member
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