Brexit and the Single Digital Market

01/02/2019 Team IPPA


CEG Seminar Series

The Centre for European Governance (CEG) is an interdisciplinary research centre combining political science, legal, economic and historical approaches to the study of Europe and the European Union.

It aims is to provide usable knowledge for policy-makers and organisations; to engage citizens on the future of the UK in Europe as well as engaging in academic debate. These seminars provide a series of academic talks into the changing politics and policies of Europe including Brexit and the UK’s changing relationship with the EU.


Professor A. Harcourt will be speaking about the roadmap for the DSM outlining different scenarios for the UK’s trade in digital services post-Brexit at Europe House on Tuesday, 12 February 18:00 – 19:00 



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To know more about the 5 part seminar series run by the Centre for European Governance, please click here


Date: February 12th,  6-7pm

Location: Europe House in London

Contact: Francesca Farmer (