Call for applications: Policy & Politics fund for sponsoring panels at international conferencesPolicy & Politics fund for sponsoring panels at international conferences

08/09/2017 Mammadli Aysel


The aim of our fund for sponsoring panel sessions at major international conferences is to publish articles produced from those panels featuring high calibre scholars presenting exceptional research. 
To submit a proposal for funding, please complete our International sponsored panels fund proposal form (Office document, 207kB) and return it to Sarah Brown, Journals Manager by 27th October 2017 in order to be considered. 


Policy & Politics talking innovative governance and the governance of change, Singapore, June 2017


Policy and Politics was delighted to sponsor a panel session on Innovative governance and the governance of change at the Third International Conference on Public Policy (Singapore, 28-30 June 2017). The panel was organised by Dr Lain Dare, Dr Paul Fawcett and Professor Diane Stone, all based at the Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra. Paul is on the Policy and Politics Advisory board, and Diane is Consultant Editor. The eleven papers, spread over three panels, explored themes such as ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ policy, time and policy, multi-level policy making, informal governance, political metagovernance and transformational governance.

Many papers also spoke about the challenges presented by rapid social and economic change, technological innovation and transboundary policy problems. As such, all of the papers engaged with the journal’s hallmarks of relating the micro to the meso and macro (and vice versa) by addressing the link between polity, policy and politics.