Call for book proposal - New Series Announcement: Policy, Administrative and Institutional ChangeGiliberto Capano, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy and Edoardo Ongaro, Professor of Public Management, The Open University, UK

10/04/2017 Giliberto Capano

New books

Series Overview:

Change is the main explanatory challenge for the social sciences. Stability and persistence are simpler to understand and explain than change; at the same time, change is not separated from stability, and, from this point of view, any approach to change (in whatever field) should be able to account for both ‘‘constancy and change’’.

Change is of significance, both for explanatory reasons, and from a more normative/prescriptive standpoint. To address, lead, control and implement change is a key task for policy-makers who, to adjust to or improve reality, constantly strive to cope with reality through designed changes in the institutional structure, in the organizational and processual dimensions of public administration, and in the governance arrangements of policies.


Following up on the above premises, this Series is aimed at publishing books offering new, original, and enlightening views on change in action. The Series is committed to overcoming the borders between scholars in public policy, public administration and management, and political institutions. Change happens at the crossroads where political institutions, policies and public administrations constantly interact and influence each other.

This broad perspective is highly relevant and innovative, both from the scientific and the applied perspective. The Series - with its multi-dimensional and multi-theoretical commitment - will be designed to offer significant information and high quality practical knowledge for both scholars and policy-makers alike.


All books in the Series will be subject to a rigorous process of peer review prior to publication. The Series will publish both monographs and edited books in four broad areas:

     1. Theory Building: Theoretical works explaining societal, political and institutional continuity and change.
Books in this area may be broadly theoretical, thus proposing theories, frameworks or models for explaining continuity and change in the social sciences, with a view on applicability to policy, administration and institutions.

     2. Policy Change: Works explaining policy change.

Works on policy analysis providing, in particular, new theoretical frames and new insights into policy change.

     3. Public Management Reform: Works explaining administrative change and public management reform.
Including coverage of key areas, such as: public management reform; local government reform; the pendulum of centralization/decentralization in administrative reform; liberal-democracy; and accountability change and reform.

     4. Institutional Change: Works on explaining institutional change.

Notably on governance: e.g. changing European governance; constitutional reform (dynamics and outputs); and institutional change in federal governance.


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