CfA Research Strategies in Policy Studies Summer School 2017Genoa (IT), July 10 – 14

02/03/2017 Negri Fedra


Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce the opening of applications for the 2017 Research Strategies in Policy Studies (ReSPoS) Summer School in Genoa (Italy).


What is ReSPoS?
ReSPoS is deeply focused on research methods in policy studies. With special attention devoted to methodological pluralism, ReSPoS's main task is to grant participants the opportunity to be presented with - and possibly to challenge - different research traditions, by discussing the assumptions, the advantages and the limitations underlying each method.


What will this edition be about?
This year's event focuses on research design. It will cover five topics: research design in policy studies, quasi-experimental design, Bayesian case studies, QCA and multi-method research. Moreover, ReSPoS will grant participants the opportunity to discuss their research projects with our faculty through a poster-session.


» Isabelle Engeli (University of Bath), Taking research design seriously.
» Paolo Pinotti (Università Bocconi), Designing quasi-experiments.
» Alessia Damonte (Università degli Studi di Milano), Designing QCA for explanation.
» Barbara Befani (University of East Anglia), Designing Multi-Method Research.
» Isabelle Engeli (University of Bath), Dos and don'ts of explanatory designs.


The School welcomes applications from MA students, Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral researchers. Moreover, the School welcomes applications from practitioners and researchers from private and public organizations interested in policy studies. The deadline for application is April, 30. Applications are online only. Interested candidates may access the online form here.


Fees and services
Thanks to the financial support from our sponsors, the School is free of charges. Participants only have to cover their travel and accomodation expenses.


Further info:

For any request, please contact: