International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development CooperationFrom 16th May to 19th May 2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil

28/06/2017 Léa Monnier


International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation


Policy diffusion and development cooperation are two intrinsically intertwined fields of research. However, each research area has followed a specific path, resulting in development of independent research agendas and the emergence of specific concepts, methods and theories to interpret their objects of study. In many ways, analysis of issues from the current global order would benefit if these two disciplines became closer. The most evident aspect the fields share is that policy diffusion frequently takes place directly or indirectly via international cooperation. Sometimes, diffusion is a key part of development cooperation projects. This became more frequent in the realm of the so-called south–south cooperation, where policy models developed in emerging economies such as Brazil were transferred to Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Despite the existence of consolidated research fields in the study of policy diffusion and development cooperation, more dialogue among scholars from these two research traditions is necessary. Taking into account the specialisations of the two research traditions, which have been producing divisions among scholars, we also understand that collaboration and convergence is needed for a more profound, complementary and broader understanding of the phenomena. In short, the spirit of the conference is to build more bridges and break down walls that divide us. Moreover, it is important to produce and circulate knowledge from the south in collaboration with northern colleagues in a more democratic and inclusive way. The International Conference on Policy Diffusion and Development Cooperation is a continuation of the biennial conference first launched at CEBRAP in Brazil in 2016. Our aim is to build a global network of scholars interested in these discussion themes, fostering research and debate on cutting-edge themes in this field.


Call for Papers is now open at this website. ! The submission deadline is 15 November 2017. 


  • Event Coordinator:

Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Federal University of São Paulo – Osasco


  • Organization Assistant:

Roberta Sakai, King’s College London


  • Invited Speakers:

David Dumoulin, IHEAL-Sorbonne Nouvelle
Diane Stone, University of Warwick
Jennifer Robinson, University College London
Michael Howlett, Simon Fraser University


  • International Conveners:

Alex Shankland, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
Cecilia Osorio, Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Leslie Pal, Carleton University
Magdalena Hadjiisky, IEP – Strasbourg


  • Scientific Committee:

Alice Mazeaud, U. de la Rochelle
Alketa Peci, Getulio Vargas Foundation
Brigitte Weiffen, Catedra Martius, DAAD-USP
Christopher Walker, U. of New South Wales
Cintia Rejane Moller Araújo, Unifesp-Osasco
David Dolowitz, University of Liverpool
Eduardo Caldas, USP-Leste
Eric Sabourin, CIRAD/UNB
Fred Eboko, IRD – U. Paris 1
Giovanni Allegretti, U. of Coimbra
Karen Costa Fernandez, Unifesp-Osasco
Richard Stren, U. of Toronto