International conference on the impact of social public policy and its evaluation, Marrakech, May 11-12, 2017Call for proposals

07/02/2017 Das Abinaswar


Call for proposals

International conference on the impact of social public policy and its evaluation,

Marrakech, May 11-12, 2017


The International Associated Laboratory of CNRS “Inequality, development and political equilibrium” organizes an international multidisciplinary conference on “the impact of social public policy and its evaluation” on the 11th and 12th of May 2017 in Marrakech.

Public policy has always been subject to debate amongst the community of social scientists, between welfare promoters and practitioners, as well as politicians and citizens: Does it have the expected impact on society? Is it efficient? Is it fair enough? How should it be funded and regulated? Is it superior than the market? More than that, public policy also raises more sensitive questions since it pursues two different kinds of goals: On the one hand, it aims at solving social problems; on the other hand, it aims to maintain social cohesion and the legitimacy of rulers, in other words, to maintain a stable socio-political equilibrium which is acceptable to citizens.

We can add to all these questions about the impact of public policy the issue of the ambiguity of their reception by the public. Indeed, the reception of public policy can be troubled by the behavior of the beneficiaries towards it or by their dissatisfaction of the policy although the proclaimed goals have been reached. All these different questions make it very complex to evaluate the impact of public policies and their effects on the welfare of citizens and the cohesion of society, especially in developing countries where financial constraints and social needs are significant.

The challenge of this conference is, on the one hand, to measure the relevance of social public policy by analyzing the modalities through which governing bodies choose and/or prioritize public policies; how they fund them; how they target beneficiaries; and how they evaluate them.  On the other hand, another challenge is to consider the impact of these policies starting from the different goals they pursue simultaneously and their reception by beneficiaries. The reception and perception of public policies is as important as their design, to the extent that their perception is the ultimate proof of their impact.

This call for proposal targets researchers from different fields and disciplines as well as practitioners and stakeholders of social public policies. We encourage comparative approaches and multidisciplinary contributions. The contributions should fit in within one of the three main themes of the conference:

1 – The impact of social public policy, especially in developing countries, and more specifically in African countries, with a focus on methodological aspects: targeting, funding, inequality of access.

2 – The Moroccan experience of social public policies, the process of their design, their impact and their evaluation while considering the contributions of the objective and subjective conceptions of welfare.

3 –Methods of impact evaluation and their capacity to take into account the different objectives pursued by the policy and the determinants of these objectives.


Proposals, including a summary of the contribution and a brief presentation of the author(s), should be submitted no later than January 31st, 2017 (late proposals will be considered). The final draft is to be sent by April 15th. Authors with high-quality and innovative papers can be funded to attend the conference.