International Workshops on Public Policy at the University of Pittsburgh - Call for Workshops is open until 30th October!

03/10/2017 Mammadli Aysel


Following the venue of the 3rd International Conference on Public Policy (Singapore, June 2017), the International Association of Public Policy (IPPA) with the sponsor of the Public Policy Section of American Political Science Association (APSA) and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs of University of Pittsburgh organizes the International Workshops on Public Policy at the University of Pittsburgh (USA), from 26th to the 28th June, 2018. This event is expected to gather 15-20 workshops. The purpose of each workshop proposed by one, two or three scholars is to discuss 10 to 15 selected papers in order to foster advanced research and high impact scientific publications.


The event is organized in two steps: the call for workshops (15th September 2017 - 30th October 2017) and the call for papers (15th November 2017 – 30th January 2018).



The selection of workshops is based on the academic quality of each proposal. The evaluation committee comprises members from the IPPA college and the public policy section of the APSA. The committee will review all proposals taking into account their theoretical and empirical contribution to public policy research and/or practice. In the final selection, the committee will guarantee the balance between different approaches and research areas from the field.



Each Workshop proposal should contain the following information:

·         Workshop title reflecting the main issue

·         Chairs email

·         An abstract (300 Words)

·         Detailed workshop presentation (1500-2000 words) including the objectives, research questions to be addressed, hypotheses, expected impact on public policy research and/or practice, first list of expected papers with institutional affiliation of the authors, expected publication (if any) in a book or a journal special issue or dossier.

·         Call for Papers (500 Words) which will be published on our website during the call papers step.



Proposals for organizing a Workshop should be submitted online.

·         Call for Workshops: 15th September –  30th October 2017

·         Results of Call for Workshops (by mail): 14th November 2017

·         Call for papers: 15th November 2017 – 30th January 2018

·         Results of Call for Papers (by mail): 15th February 2018

·         Deadline for registration: 15th May 2018

·         Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 1st June 2018


More information on our website HERE

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