PhD in Public PolicyCarleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

07/02/2017 Das Abinaswar


Good public policy and good policy-making requires excellent research. They require research that identifies and documents the consequences of public policies and the prospects for their reform. They require research that is broad, taking into account the precedents, players and processes that affect the origin and design of policies and the ways they are implemented. Our PhD in Public Policy prepares you to undertake such research, providing the conceptual and methodological tools needed to study public policies across a range of jurisdictions and fields. Our faculty can be roughly grouped into five broad areas: nongovernment organizations (led by Susan Phillips), sustainable energy (led by James Meadowcroft), health and social policy (led by Marc-André Gagnon and Jennifer Stewart), public management (led by Leslie Pal) and Indigenous studies (led by Frances Abele).

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