Public Policy in India (OISI)Rajesh Chakrabarti and Kaushiki Sanyal

04/01/2017 Abinaswar Das

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Public Policy in India (OISI)


What are the contours of the field of public policy? How has it evolved in India and abroad? What broad questions does it grapple with in the Indian context? How do policy making, implementation and evaluation work in India? What are the steps involved in law-making and what often holds back its implementation? How well do the globally hailed policy making theories actually work in India? 


This short introduction to public policy in India addresses such debates and more. Tracing the evolution of the policy making process in India, with real-life India centric examples, it provides a concise and lucid overview of how policies develop, how they are implemented, the techniques of evaluation and the challenges in governance that the country faces. Using case studies, some of which were developed by the authors, it demonstrates that formulating, implementing and evaluating public policy is a cyclical process as changing times keep throwing up new choices and challenges.