Become IPPA Institutional Member

Become an institutional member of the International Public Policy Association!


Becoming an institutional member does more than support our association. IPPA institutional members also receive numerous benefits. 


Below are the benefits institutional members receive per year:


  • The publication of their institutional logo on the IPPA official website and a short presentation of their institution. Since January 2015, we have received more than 152,000 hits on our website from over 98,000 unique visitors!
  • The possibility of proposing specific content for our newsletter (more than 6000 people are registered);
  • The possibility of presenting their institution during our International Conference;
  • Half a page dedicated to their institution in the official program of our International Conference;
  • 10 free IPPA individual memberships (2017-2018) for their Ph.D. students;
  • The right to be represented in the College of the Association (for a period of 2 years, subject to conditions)


The IPPA institutional membership fee is € 1700 per year.


Your contribution is crucial to support the development of an international public policy network!


To proceed to registration (or if you need further clarification), please contact us via email at