IPPA in a few words

ippa in a few words

What is IPPA?

The International Public Policy Association (IPPA) is a non-profit organization based in Lyon, France.


The association was created in 2014 after the success of the first International Conference on Public Policy which took place in Grenoble (France) back in 2013.

The hosts of this first edition, after this unexpected success, came around the idea to create an association able to renew this type of Conference on a biennial basis.



What are the goals of IPPA?

The concept then evolved into developing summer schools and other activities such as a journal, workshops, newsletter, … The main goal of IPPA is to bring academics and researchers in public policies together around public Policy topics/subjects in order to develop the research and strengthen the academic community in this field.


What is next for IPPA? 

IPPA is constantly growing and can count on a wide basis of faithful members : from Institutions to individuals, every person interested in public Policy, whether they are researchers, PhD students or practitionners are looking forward to IPPA's next event. They know they can rely on the good organisation of the team.

Next year, IPPA is holding a large Conference for the fourth time in Montréal, Canada (ICCPP4). About 2000 participants are expected to take part in this attractive international event.



Throwback Thursday to the previous edition of the Conference in Singapore





Other activities

In order to attract a wide range of searchers interested in the field of public policy, IPPA has diversified the type of events organised. Hence, in 2017 was held for the first time the International Workshops on Public Policy in Pittsburgh, USA.



Welcome Speech                                                          Gala Dinner                                                                     Closing Drink                                                                                                                                            



The first edition of the Summer School Venezia-Padova



                                              Workshops                                                                                                                   Participants in Venezia



The various formats of events created by IPPA allow participants to chose the one they feel is more adapted to their needs:


Summer/Winter Schools

During one week, about 50 PhD students are attending the school with renowned international scholars. It allows the formation of small groups of students which makes it easier to discuss their papers.  



The Workshops, of 15 participants each, are spread in 3 days, enabling intense discussion between participants on their research projects.



The multi activities such as plenary sessions and multi-sessions are times during which participants present their papers in front of the public policy community, get to know what their colleagues are researching on all over the world and also increase their network in the public policy field.


From the feedback we received from former participants they seem to be satisfied with the organisation of our IPPA events :


"This activity was important for my research. The conferences were very innovative." -   Maria da Glória Santos Laia, Participant of Summer Schools in Brasilia, May 2017

"The IWPP session format is very good for truly academic debate and paper discussion." - Participant of IWPP1 in Pittsburgh, June 2017



To be the most efficient possible and ensure the good continuity of the events, IPPA can count on the devotion of 2 permanent staff members and a volunteer Secretary General, working from their office at ENTPE, University of Lyon. For more information on our Executive Committee, College members and Institutional members, see the dedicated pages.




Occasionnaly, IPPA offers Master's students the opportunity to be part of the IPPA team for the duration of an internship. Alongside the permanent staff, they are the chosen intermediaries to answer all of your questions and handle events' organisation.

In the past, IPPA has also benefited from involved staff members who took a real pleasure at organizing ICPP 3 in Singapore.






IPPA team (almost complete) in Pittsburgh