T02P19 - Governance Barriers to Innovation

Topic : Comparative Public Policy

Panel Chair : M Ramesh - mramesh@nus.edu.sg

Panel Second Chair : Xun Wu - dr.wuxun@gmail.com

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

Innovation is required in order to deal with major challenges such as climate change. But policy innovations are rare and often highly contested, as the protracted debates over climate change, income inequality  and  health care financing amply display. To deal with the challenges to promoting innovation, we need not only a conducive environment but also an innovative policy process. Merely breaking up agency-centered silos is not enough: appropriate policy institutions and processes that allow innovation need to be developed.  

Call for papers

Papers in this session will discuss the conditions and requirements of successful policy innovation. Both theoretical and empirical papers are invited for presentation at the panel.

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