T02P21 - Data for Policy Analysis

Topic : Comparative Public Policy

Panel Chair : Reuben Ng - spprng@nus.edu.sg

Panel Second Chair : MIchael Howlett - howlett@sfu.ca

Panel Third Chair : M Ramesh - mramesh@nus.edu.sg

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

The importance of evidence and data has been a prime concern in Public Policy since the launch of the discipline. The emergence of “Big Data” in recent years, however, offers hope that we are now finally in the throes of realizing the early dreams. Do we finally, have “the evidence” for ‘evidence-based’ policy that we have been looking for? Even if the answer is yes, which is far from certain many questions remain unanswered. What kind of data is needed in Public Policy? What kind of analytical tools are available for analyzing them? Are the available analytical tools adequate and how can their shortcoming being overcome? What are the potential and limit of using big data in Public Policy? What about privacy?”

Call for papers

The panel invites empirical, theoretical as well as reflective papers examining the scholarly and practical challenges in using data, big and small, in public policy. 

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