T16P18 - Environmental Policy

Topic : Sustainable Development and Policy

Panel Chair : Sonia Akter - sonia.akter@nus.edu.sg

Panel Second Chair : Jie-Sheng Tan-Soo - jiesheng.tan@nus.edu.sg

Panel Third Chair : Scott Valentine - scott.valentine@nus.edu.sg

Objectives and Scientific Relevance of the panel

The relentless pursuit of economic growth has inflicted severe damage on the natural environment. This is especially true for many developing economies in Asia that are experiencing rapid income growth, but accompanied by unprecedented environmental pollution as well. Environmental policy plays a vital role in changing behavioural, institutional and organisational incentives to promote sustainable development. This session aims to focus on the 21st century challenges for environmental policy. How environmental policy can be designed more effectively to promote sustainable usage of resource? How economic growth can be pursued without severely trading off environmental goods? How environmental policy can be designed to minimize impacts on human and natural environment?

Call for papers

Topics of interests are:

•         Climate change adaptation in low income countries

•         Environmental problems in developing countries, such as degradation of natural resources and health problems caused by pollution

•         Households’ and firms’ environmental behavior and responses to environmental regulation

•         Energy policy and technology

•         Water policy

•         Economic instruments related to environmental conservation such as payment for ecosystem services, policy mix

•         Topics of agricultural economics related to the environment

•         Development of environmental valuation techniques

Of particular interest are empirical papers that employ rigorous econometric and evaluation techniques while being grounded in sound economic and development theory or post-empirical analyses that extend existing research in areas such as discourse analysis, collaborative networks, stakeholder theory etc. Themes listed above are not exhaustive.

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