Éupolis Lombardia, Milan, Italy

Institutional Member

Éupolis Lombardia is the Institute for research, statistics and training, a public governmental agency which supports regional Government and policymakers in Lombardy, established in 2011 with a clear mission: to provide knowledge which can support Lombardy’s government in planning and implementing policies.

The end users of the Institute’s products are the Region’s Legislative Assembly (Consiglio), the Executive Council (Giunta), and the entire Region’s institutional and socio-economic system. More specifically, it carries out the functions of strategic studies and research in public policy; policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; training for the top management; managing the regions’ statistics and the regional departments’ observatories.

All this, through innovative integration of research, data analysis and training, collaboration with local bodies, universities, the third sector, businesses and research and training centers.
Moreover, the Institute is part of SISTAN, National Statistics System, and in this rule it makes available some data base to make efficiency analysis on public sector: for example, research about social expenses in the Lombardy districts or local public transport, or also the statistics about public balance sheets.


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Éupolis Lombardia - Institute for research, statistics and training
OFFICES : Via Taramelli, 12/F- 20124 Milan - ITALY