Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI)

Institutional Member

The Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI, was set up in 2004 with the goal of becoming a leading European institution for advanced research and postgraduate training of future generations of professionals and experts dealing with international affairs of public concern. The Institute was formally established as private foundation by the public universities in the Barcelona area, the CIDOB Foundation and five government institutions.


The Institute has become, first and foremost, a centre for advanced research in international studies. IBEI’s core academic staff is made up of tenure-track professors and postdoctoral researchers, and also engages visiting professors and affiliated faculty members of the Barcelona universities.  It organizes research activity within three interdisciplinary programmes, which respectively study the implications of globalization for the economy, for governance and for security.


IBEI supports research in all fields of international political economics, international relations, international security, European studies, foreign policy and comparative public policy.

IBEI scholars are internationally oriented in their research focus. They have published a large number of books and they also contribute regularly to leading European and international journals. Faculty members participate in multiple academic networks of scholars of European and international scope. IBEI researchers are active mainly in the fields of international relations, comparative politics and political economy, and they are involved in many externally funded research projects (at both Spanish and European levels). All these facts have allowed IBEI to participate in highly attractive research projects, improve its level of scientific production, and develop a solid foundation for research in coming years.


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