School of Public Affairs

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There is a reason U.S. News & World Report ranks the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver as the top public affairs school in Colorado, and among the best in the United States. We combine world-class faculty, a diverse, urban environment that creates opportunities for experiential learning, rigorous programs, and flexible schedules. The result is a student body united in its vision for a better world and equipped with the practical skills to make it happen. Students gain real-world perspective working in the field and learning from professors who shape public policy through research. When students graduate, they’re not just ready to start making an impact: They’ve already begun. The UC Denver School of Public Affairs provides numerous programs, degrees and certificates that cater to students’ aspirations in criminal justice, public administration and public policy. Hybrid and online degree programs allow students to mix on-campus and online courses that are taught by the same top-notch faculty. Or students can earn a degree from our prestigious university through a 100 percent online experience. All of our undergraduate and graduate programs offer accessible tuition that make a degree from a top-ranked public affairs school attainable. Students simply won’t find a better educational value from any other public affairs or criminal justice program.


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