The Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance

Institutional Member

The Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance (RND) at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) is one of the largest public administration and innovation research centers in Central and Eastern as well as Northern Europe.


RND focuses on cutting-edge research on Public Management systems and reforms, e-governance and public-sector innovation as well as technology governance and innovation policy. It offers two Master’s programs in English: the MA in Technology Governance provides a unique understanding of economic development processes, combining studies in innovation, technology, finance, development economics and governance; the MSc in Public Sector Innovation and e-Governance, a new Erasmus Mundus joint degree, is offered in collaboration with the University of Münster and KU Leuven and combines studies in public-sector innovation, e-governance and the use of ICT in the public sector.

The 4-year PhD program invites ambitious young scholars to collaborate with the RND core faculty, the leading one in the region according to all indicators, on studying current and classic global public management and governance as well as technology and innovation. Currently, RND coordinates one of the largest and most ambitious EU public-sector innovation and e-governance projects, The “Once Only” Principle project,


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