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IPPA News - Deadline : 12/31/2020



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The International Public Policy Association would like to thank you for being a registered user of the Association. We are happy to say our community has grown to have more than 10.000 users, and we really appreciate you being part of it.

Since our creation in December 2014, our International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) has become the most important conference in the public policy field, as shown by the success of our fourth Conference in Montreal. Furthermore, we have been able to expand the number of events we organize for the benefit of our community: we are now working on the second edition of the International Workshops of Public Policy (IWPP) and offer five seasonal schools (Alps, Africa, Brasilia, Denver and Padova). We have also been able to offer free services to all our users. These include information, teaching resources, newsletters, the possibility to post any kind of announcements on our website then featured in our Newsletter and a free open-access journal, the International Review of Public Policy.

It is thanks to the support of our individual and institutional members, that we are able to offer these services. To continue to do so and keep contributing to the development of the public policy community, we need your support and encourage you to become an individual member of IPPA if you are not yet a member for 2020. Membership runs for 2 calendar years and automatically gives you access to attractive discounts to participate in any of our events (Seasonal Schools, IWPP, ICPP). This year you can have a substantial discount to attend IWPP2 in Quito.

Individual Membership fees is 40€ for PhD Students and 120€ for others for 2020-2021, which represents a small amount for a major contribution to our policy community. 

Please click here to register as an IPPA member. 

Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome. You can contact us by writing directly to


Kind regards and hope to see you at IWPP2 in Quito

Philippe Zittoun 

General Secretary




We have developed a system that will allow you to share information on our website and our Newsletter with our more than 10 000 users. By following the steps below, you will be able to promote a call for papers, an event, a book or a job opening easily from your IPPA account at any time:


1. Log in to your IPPA account. Once logged in, you will see your dashboard with multiple options. You need to click on "My announcements" and then on "Submit an announcement".

2. Fill in the form and write the information you want to share. Tip: keep the abstract short. You can expand on the information in the presentation box (don’t forget to add links and/or images you think would be interesting).

3. Once the form is filled, just click on register! 


After you submit your announcement, our team will publish it on the IPPA website and feature it in our newsletter!


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