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IPPA News - Deadline : 12/31/2021



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On behalf of the International Public Policy Association, we would like to invite you to become an IPPA individual member for 2021-2022*. IPPA has now grown to be a community of more than 11’000 users interested in the public policy field and in the activities and resources offered by the association. This has allowed IPPA to become the most important international association of Public Policy, which is why we would like to express our deepest gratitude while we encourage you to become an individual member. It is absolutely essential to IPPA’s continued growth and development.  


This has been a challenging year. As you can imagine, the impact of the pandemic on our association has been significant, as we had to cancel all of this year’s events. Despite this difficult situation, the support and contribution of our 1200 individual members and 41 institutional members have allowed the Association to continue to support our scholarly communities and maintain a range of free resources. These include our teaching and learning resources, the promotion of announcements and career opportunities on our website and newsletter, and our completely Open Access Journal, the International Review of Public Policy.


To continue to offer our events and free services, we need your support and trust you will consider becoming an IPPA individual member. The individual membership runs for 2 calendar years and automatically gives you access to discounted rates to attend any of our events, including our seasonal schools or ICPP5 to which you would benefit from a 200€ discount in the registration fees. Please note we decided to freeze the 2021-2022 membership fee at 40€ for Ph.D. students (20€ per year) and 120€ for others (60€ per year) – the same rate as for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, which represents a small amount for a significant contribution to our policy community and the Association.


We also encourage you to approach your university about becoming an IPPA institutional member. The institutional membership includes free individual memberships for 10 PhD students, discounted rates for all our events, promotion of the institution, a dedicated page, amongst others.


We look forward to our partnership and thank you for your invaluable support. 

Thanks again,


Grace Skogstad, President, IPPA

Philippe Zittoun, Secretary General, IPPA


*If you have an active membership for 2021, or you already renewed/became an IPPA individual member, please disregard this message.


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