College Election 2019-202312 new members of the College have been elected !

02/05/2019 Team IPPA


The International Public Policy Association is a non-profit organization governed by a College of 24 members representing the individual members and currently 28 members representing the institutional members. The role of college is defined by the article 15 of our Constitution (Click here to see the Constitution).


In April 2019, 178 individual members voted to renew half of their representatives at IPPA College. These 12 representatives are elected for a 4 years term, until 2023.


       Andrea Lenschow             Araz Taeighagh                 Brian Head                        Diane Stone


       Frank Fischer                 Iris Geva-May                  Joseluis Mendez                Jaione Mondragon


 Michael Howlett               Sarah Giest                      Michelle Morais                     Mireille Manga 

                                                                                        de Sa e Silva



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