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Events - Deadline : 03/02/2025



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We are writing to announce an international conference on Climate Change Obstruction. The conference will be hosted by the Critical Policy Studies Network (IPPA) and by the Climate Social Science Network (CSSN).

The conference will be held in a virtual format on 14th and 15th March 2024 from 8am to 2pm (EST US Time)/ 2pm to 8pm (CET Europe Time).

We look for contributions and/or participation in all world regions in connection to the two different time slots, Europe morning for SE Asia compatible, Europe afternoon/evening Americas compatible. 

The call for communication will be open from 20/12/2023 to 15/02/2024. You must submit an abstract on the website. 

The conference is free. 

Various forms of opposition (denial, delay and other forms of obstruction) to ambitious climate policy are the single most important reason for the lack of sufficient progress to meet the Paris treaty goals and climate efforts more generally. Since time is critical in climate politics and the window of opportunity to avoid dangerous climate change is closing fast, addressing climate opposition is a top priority. Yet, climate obstruction has been considered largely off-limits by government funding agencies and the IPCC. The Climate Social Science Network ( at Brown University launched in October 2020 to support social science research on climate obstruction. IPPA and critical policy studies have been at the forefront of environmental policy research and critical policy studies. Both organizations are global in scope and ambition and this gives them the ability to address the varieties of oppositional groups and social forces that also operate both within and across borders.

Opposition policy is an important frontier in public policy research and considers political and institutional power structures, the asymmetrical distribution of lobbying resources, and the limits of pluralism both in theoretical and methodological perspectives. This conference seeks to amplify the work of scholars who are examining efforts to prevent policy transfer in climate policy or to roll back policies. 

We are seeking papers that address various aspects and dimensions of policy conflict and policy opposition in the field of climate policy in a wide sense (including energy, transport, industrial or agricultural policies relevant to ambitious mitigation). Country-level, comparative, and international case studies are welcome that address the politics of climate policy circulation and climate policy obstruction. We look for papers that provide insights in opposition reasons, practices, strategies and tactics, alliances, and coalitions. We also welcome reflections related to policy processes in other policy fields that offer insights and opportunities to discuss climate obstruction in perspective (the denial methods pioneered in tobacco health impact denial informed climate denial, including the policy process, for example). Both theoretical and empirical contributions to opposition and obstruction are welcome.

Please send an abstract of about 150 words by 15 February 2024.

Please send your contributions by clicking on "Submit a paper"

We will send a notification of acceptance of your suggested presentation end of February 2024

Conference Organizers

Critical Policy Studies Network/Climate Social Science Network 


For more information, please click here.


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