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Defining Policy Analysis: A Journey that Never Ends




Authors : Beryl A. Radin

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For much of its life, the field of policy analysis has lived with a wide range of definitions of its goals, work, and significance in the society. This Element seeks to sort out these differences by describing the issues, players, and developments that have played a role over the life of this field. As a result of the relationships that have developed, an environment has emerged where both academics and practitioners who self-identify as “policy analysts” are not always recognized as such by others who use that same label.


This Element explores the reasons why this conflictual situation has developed and whether the current status is a major departure from the past. While these developments may not be new or found only in policy analysis, they do have an impact on the status of the academics as well as the practitioners in the field.


Keywords: advising, analysis, policy, clients, conflict, practitioners


© Beryl A. Radin 2020

ISBNs: 9781108927802 (PB), 9781108933193 (OC)

ISSNs: 2398–4058 (online), 2514–3565 (print)


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