e-Summer Schools

10/06/2020 Team IPPA


E-summer schools

Three months ago, the International Public Policy Association announced the launch of its e-Summer Schools, providing PhD students and early careers, members of the Association, to follow courses and discussions on Public Policy theories, concepts, methodologies to sharpen and improve their knowledge in the field. 


We are pleased to say the call for applications for the e-Summer Schools closed successfully with more than 110 applications from 39 countries of the world. We organized 5 e-Ateliers, 4 e-Talks, and 3 e-Workshops on Public Policy. The e-Summer Schools are getting to an end and we are happy to receive such excellent feedback. 


A big thank you goes to the 6 International Scholars who volunteered to hold them. We want to thank also all the participants for their eagerness and cooperation to attend the e-Courses.