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GSPPRN & SNS - Summer 2024 Interdisciplinary Conference

Events - Deadline : 08/27/2024



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GSPPRN & SNS - Summer 2024 Interdisciplinary Conference
25th- 27th August 2024


The burgeoning and interconnected fields of Global South public policy, humanities, and other related Global South-focused academic disciplines demand vibrant discourse and fresh perspectives from the very communities these disciplines seek to empower. In recognition of this need, the Global South Public Policy Research Network (GSPPRN), the premier network of Global South public policy graduate students, and global youth-led sustainable development knowledge network South-North Scholars (SNS) will collaborate to present a landmark summer conference, "Global South Paradigms: (Re)Shaping Our Future", which will be held virtually from August 25-27, 2024.

This unique platform welcomes graduate and undergraduate students working or conducting research in Global South contexts and on Global South issues, especially those based at the intersection of academia and practice oriented research in Global South regions. The objective is to engage in critical dialogue and collaborative brainstorming around the current and future directions of “Global South research” – i.e., research on Global South issues – both within and across disciplinary boundaries.



As an innovative international conference focused on evolving Global South issues across the policy paradigm and critical paradigms of the humanities and other disciplines, the primary academic goal of the conference is to generate fresh ideas and momentum toward interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to Global South research.

Conference outputs will include:

- Release of keynote addresses, invited lectures, and presentation dossier of invited papers from graduate and undergraduate students. A call for relevant papers, open to all graduate and undergraduate students, will be circulated by GSPPRN, SNS, and other promotional partners approximately 2-3 months prior to the conference.
- Drafts of innovative Global South research proposals co-created by conference participants in the intensive workshops and sessions during the conference. These research proposals, which may take various forms familiar to participants, are intended to stimulate discussion about new directions of Global South research and inspire future research grant proposals.
- Proceedings in the form of a conference statement on current and future directions of Global South research, drafted during the conference.
- Mentorship opportunities and suggested pairings designed to encourage sustained and academically fruitful engagement among conference participants with related interests.

These outputs will be disseminated through the following channels:

- Online publication of a compilation report of conference outputs in PDF form, to be promoted via the GSPPRN/IPPA and Nexus journal websites as applicable
- Hosting of the conference statement, readouts, and/or research proposals on the GSPPRN/IPPA and Nexus journal websites
- Possible in-print publication of papers and/or other proceedings in Issue III of Nexus: The Global South Journal, scheduled for spring 2025



While the conference promotes holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to Global South issues, and has a primary goal of elevating and critically engaging with Global South research trends, the conference will announce four broad (but non-restrictive) content themes:

Sustainable development and climate change: Examining innovative approaches to foster inclusivity, resilience, and environmental justice in the Global South.
International relations and political economy: Deconstructing power dynamics, exploring alternative development models, and advocating for equitable global partnerships.
Conflict, displacement, and migration: Analyzing root causes, seeking sustainable solutions, and amplifying the voices of affected communities.
Histories, cultures, and movements of the Global South: Celebrating diverse narratives, reclaiming agency, and forging solidarity through shared experiences.

These content themes are merely intended to give participants a sense of the substantive issues that can be examined through the invited papers and conference activities. Participants should be open to engaging with holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to Global South research.


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