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Handbook of Teaching Public Policy




Authors : Emily St.Denny and Philippe Zittoun

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Pragmatic, progressive and global in its approach, this Handbook centres around the key question: how can we teach public policy? Presenting a wide variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, it expertly examines current approaches to teaching public policy and critically reflects on potential future developments in the field.

Bringing together contributions from over sixty leading public policy scholars, chapters examine the many different orientations to teaching and learning public policy, spanning traditional, current and emerging approaches. Employing a multi-jurisdictional approach, contributors discuss key theories surrounding the policy process, analyse diverse teaching strategies, and investigate the different publics engaged in learning about public policy. Through detailed case studies, the Handbook also explores the differences in international public policy programmes, and suggests possible explanations for the plurality in content.

This forward-thinking Handbook will be an essential resource for educators in the field of public policy looking to enhance their teaching practices as well as those interested in the latest developments within the discipline. Offering a comprehensive overview of modern public policy pedagogy, it will also be of interest to academics and students.


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