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Highly cited collection from Policy & Politics and Evidence & Policy

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Thea Cook

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Bristol University Press and Policy Press are celebrating their new citation metrics with a free collection of highly cited articles. This collection features papers from Policy & Politics and Evidence & Policy. Explore the collection for free until 31 July.    

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Policy & Politics

Policy & Politics achieved an Impact Factor of 4.3 and is ranked in the top 20 Political Science journals and the top 10 of Administration journals in the JCR. The journal also achieved a fantastic CiteScore of 7.9 placing in the top 5% of journals in the Sociology and Political Science category.

How does policy learning take place across a multilevel governance architecture during crises?

Bishoy Louis Zaki and Ellen Wayenberg

New pathways to paradigm change in public policy: combining insights from policy design, mix and feedback [Open access]

Sebastian Sewerin, Benjamin Cashore and Michael Howlett

Transformational change through Public Policy

Oscar Berglund, Claire A. Dunlop et al.

Making interpretive policy analysis critical and societally relevant: emotions, ethnography and language

Anna Durnová

When do disasters spark transformative policy change and why? [Open access]

Daniel Nohrstedt


Evidence & Policy

Evidence & Policy earned an Impact Factor of 1.8 and a CiteScore of 4.5, placing it in Q2 in the Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary category in the JCR, and the 87th percentile of journals ranked in the Social Sciences (miscellaneous) category in Scopus. 

How does policy learning take place across a multilevel governance architecture during crises?

Bishoy Louis Zaki and Ellen Wayenberg

What works to promote research-policy engagement? [Open access]

Kathryn Oliver, Anna Hopkins et al.

What is co-production? Conceptualising and understanding co-production of knowledge and policy across different theoretical perspectives [Open access]

Justyna Bandola-Gill, Megan Arthur and Rhodri Ivor Leng

Defining brokers, intermediaries, and boundary spanners: a systematic review [Open access]

Jennifer Watling Neal, Zachary P. Neal and Brian Brutzman

Measuring the health impact of Universal Basic Income as an upstream intervention: holistic trial design that captures stress reduction is essential

Elliott Aidan Johnson, Matthew Thomas Johnson and Laura Webber

Exploring the value and role of creative practices in research co-production [Open access]

Joe Langley, Nicola Kayes et al.


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