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Institutional innovations and disruptions for mainstreaming climate adaptation in cities

Events - Deadline : 06/04/2020


Jannes Willems

Subtitle : Pressure Cooker

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Mainstreaming climate adaptation challenges existing urban governance systems to enable multifunctional, long-term, adaptive and inclusive solutions that produce ecological and social value and are synergetic with other functions and systems in a city. As cities worldwide already experiment with innovative climate adaptation measures, we can also see institutional innovations emerging that allow for such measures to materialize and scale. However, these institutional innovations still represent niches within mainstream urban governance contexts that are risk-averse, siloed, in which technological approaches are dominant and social diversity is poorly represented. A systematic perspective on the institutional innovations and disruptions needed for mainstreaming climate adaptation is lacking: what kind of institutional innovations and disruptions support climate adaptation mainstreaming, how can these be brought about, and what are the implications for urban governance?


This one-day symposium will follow the interactive format of a pressure cooker and has three aims:

1) To define a state-of-the-art on the question of how to materialize institutional change to mainstream climate adaptation, including both institutional innovation and disruption.
2) To exchange knowledge between research groups and create networking opportunities
3) To develop a shared and forward-looking research agenda with practical insights on the next steps needed for mainstreaming climate adaptation in cities. The results could also be developed in a shared research paper.


Start date: Thursday, 4 June 2020, 09:30

End date: Thursday, 4 June 2020, 16:30

Room: Erasmus University College, Nieuwemarkt 1a, Rotterdam

Spoken Language: English


For registration and more information please go to


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