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Institutional Reforms, Governance, and Services Delivery in the Global South




Authors : Hamid E. Ali, Shahjahan Bhuiyan

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This edited book explores the link between institutional reforms, governance and services delivery in the Global South, mapping how and to what extent resource-poor governments deliver public services to their citizens. The book concludes that delivery of public services responsibly and efficiently remains largely unachievable because of weaker institutions and poor quality of governance in the Global South countries. Reforms to governance and institutions are generally considered fitting measures to overcome public service delivery challenges.

Hamid E. Ali is Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Dean of the School of Public Administration and Development Economics at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar. 

Shahjahan Bhuiyan is Associate Professor of Public Administration and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Administration at The American University in Cairo’s School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Egypt. 


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