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IRPP Volume 2 Issue 3

IPPA News - Deadline : 01/30/2024



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Dear Colleagues, 


The International Public Policy Association is pleased to announce the launch of the fifth issue of our Journal, the International Review of Public Policy. 

International Review of Public Policy-IRPP is the flagship journal of IPPA, the most important worldwide Association on Public Policy.  The journal is a fully open-access journal covering research studies in the broad area of Public Policy in different sectors, countries, and regions of the world whatever the perspectives and the approaches. All submissions go through a rigorous Double-Blind Peer Review selection process. The selected articles are published online via OpenEdition, an open-access platform for academic journals, and also in a printed version for subscribers.


IRPP, VOL. 2, N. 3
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Research Articles:  


- Christopher M. Weible and Tanya Heikkila
Connecting Cognitive and Behavioral Characteristics of Policy Conflict in Oil and Gas Politics


- Richard Shaw and Chris Eichbaum
From ménage à trois back to pas de deux? Ministerial advisers, civil servants and the contest of policy ideas


- Marij Swinkels
How ideas matter in public policy: a review of concepts, mechanisms, and methods


- Mélanie De Winter
Reshaping health care governance using pilot projects as public policy implementation instruments


- Fulya Apaydin and Jacint Jordana
Varying Power Configurations and the Accountability of Independent Regulatory Agencies


Forum Article


- Piyapong Boossabong and Pobsook Chamchong
Coping with COVID-19 in a non-democratic system: Policy lessons from Thailand’s centralised government



IRPP and IPPA would like to thank the CRAWFORD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY at the Australian National University and THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO for sponsoring the International Review of Public Policy.



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