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KOMEX 2024: Affordable and Excellent Method School

Events - Deadline : 02/25/2024


Shirin Tumenbaeva

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The University of Konstanz, in collaboration with the Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET), is thrilled to announce that registration is now open for the Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (komex). It offers excellent, inclusive, and sustainable PhD-level methods training held February 22nd to 23rd (short courses) and February 26th to March 1st, 2024 (compact & main courses). Hybrid format combines in-person and online options, covering a spectrum of quantitative and qualitative methods at budget-friendly rates:

Main course (5 days): €390 early bird (€460 regular)
Compact course (3 days): €220 early bird (€270 regular)
Short course (2 days): €120

Browse our courses and register here: 

Follow us: on X @komex_methods or on BlueSky


Qualitative courses

*= course is held online

Outlierism – Learning from Deviant Cases* (short) by Anat Gofen

Comparative Case Study Design (main)  by Eva Thomann

Introduction to Causal Process Tracing* (main) by Hilde van Meegdenburg

Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)* (main) by Barbora Valik and Ioana-Elena Oana

Advanced Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)* (main) by Ioana-Elena Oana and Carsten Q. Schneider

Qualitative Data Analysis Concepts and Techniques* (main) by Anka Kekez Koštro

Doing Fieldwork in Challenging Contexts* (main)  by Catherine Owen and Xianan Jin

Quantitative / software/ foundational courses

Learning Data Visualisation in R* (short) by Massimiliano Canzi

A Basic Introduction to R for Beginners* (short) by Karina Shyrokykh

Introduction to Python* (short)  by Indira Sen

Applied Data Management for Social Scientists (compact) by Eda Keremoglu and Anna-Lena Hönig

Crowd-Sourced Text Analysis  (compact) by Alex Horn and Sergio Zanotto

Probability Theory for Empirical Social Research (main) by Jan Vogler

Causal Inference and Observational Research – Designing Robust Counterfactuals (main) by Christina Zuber

Social Data Science with Python (main)  by David Garcia and Indira Sen

Survey Experiments (main) by Lukas Rudolph and Franziska Quoß

Social Network Analysis (main) by Carlos Bravo, Petr Ocelík, Lukáš Lehotský, Volker Schneider, and Boris Holzer


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