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Most read articles from Policy & Politics, Evidence & Policy, Global Discourse and the European Journal of Politics and Gender

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Katie Lucas

Subtitle : Free to access until 28 February

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The most read articles published in Policy & Politics, Evidence & Policy, Global Discourse and the European Journal of Politics and Gender in 2020 are available to read for free in February 2021.

Explore selected articles below and see for the full collection.


Policy & Politics

Improving public policy and administration: exploring the potential of design Arwin van Buuren et al.

When design meets power: design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking [Open Access] Jenny M Lewis, Michael McGann, and Emma Blomkamp

Policy labs: the next frontier of policy design and evaluation? [Open Access] Karol Olejniczak et al.

Applying design in public administration: a literature review to explore the state of the art Margot Hermus, Arwin van Buuren, and Victor Bekkers

Designing environments for experimentation, learning and innovation in public policy and governance [Open Access] Maurits Waardenburg, Martijn Groenleer, and Jorrit De Jong


Evidence & Policy

Making evidence and policy in public health emergencies: lessons from COVID-19 for adaptive evidence-making and intervention [Open Access]  Kari Lancaster, Tim Rhodes and Marsha Rosengarten

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy [Open Access] Patrick Fafard and Steven J Hoffman

Opening up evidence-based policy: exploring citizen and service user expertise [Open Access] Ellen Stewart et al.

Improving the use of evidence in legislatures: the case of the UK Parliament [Open Access] David Christian Rose et al.

Evidence-based policy, knowledge from experience and validity [Open Access] Jennifer Smith-Merry


Global Discourse

Anger fast and slow: mediations of justice and violence in the age of populism William Davies

The functionality of affects: conceptualising far-right populist politics beyond negative emotions Julia Leser and Florian Spissinger

Contesting the politics of negative emotions in educational policymaking: a ban on asylum seekers school visits in Finland Iida Pyy, Anniina Leiviskä, and Jan-Erik Mansikka

Against comfort: political implications of evading discomfort Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic

The resentment-ressentiment complex: a critique of liberal discourse Sjoerd van Tuinen


European Journal of Politics and Gender

The fight against gender and LGBT ideology: new developments in Poland Elżbieta Korolczuk

Rethinking the ambition gap: gender and candidate emergence in comparative perspective Jennifer M. Piscopo and Meryl Kenny 

Urgency and ambition: the influence of political environment and emotion in spurring US womens candidacies in 2018 Kelly Dittmar

LGBTIQ Roma and queer intersectionalities: the lived experiences of LGBTIQ Roma Lucie Fremlova

Bringing epistemology into intersectional methodology Alexie Labelle


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