Shaping Policy Agendas: The Micro-Politics of Economic International OrganizationsEdited by David Dolowitz, Magdaléna Hadjiisky and Romuald Normand

13/02/2020 Hannah Tandy

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This fascinating book investigates the strategic importance of the production and dissemination of expertise in the activities of the international organizations (IOs) that have come to symbolize the dominance of the Western political and economic order.


Analyzing IOs as semi-autonomous policy agenda shapers, chapters explore how they use economic frameworks to interpret the ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’ of wider, non-economic policy domains. Examining a diverse range of policy domains, such as education, global care chains, chemical safety, and participatory development, this book illustrates the knowledge authority of IOs on a micro-political scale, revealing the routes and trajectories of international power.


Featuring contributions from experts in the field of agenda shaping and international politics, this book is critical reading for political scientists and researchers exploring the growing influence of IOs around the world. Policymakers will also benefit from its insights into the micro-politics of IO policy agendas.