SOG 2019 Conference ́The Vulnerability of Trust ́Call for Papers

14/12/2018 Oliver Meza



One of the key determinants for good governance is trust. Citizens need trustworthy public organisations for a wide range of issues, such as fair criminal justice and equal access to education. However, there is a global concern regarding the impartiality and reliability of public organisations, as they appear to be under a constant and increasing pressure because of, among other things, social inequality and democratic disenchantment. Institutional ineffectiveness, a failure to meet citizens’ demands, corruption, and the waste of public resources are also associated with a decline of trust in government.


Likewise, public organisations depend on citizens’ trust for their legitimacy and reputation, as well as for the voluntary social participation necessary for core public tasks such as taxation, law enforcement and regulatory compliance. Moreover, trust is also key for the relations between administration and politics – under pressure by political populism – and for the internal organisation of public entities. The vulnerability of trust in public institutions and organisations is a growing concern for the structure and organisation of government and for the provision of public services. This also gives a special rationale to hosting the SOG conference in Latin America, where concerns about low trust in government and its implications are a classic theme.


For the 2019 SOG meeting in June 17 - 18, 2019, CIDE welcomes papers of all geographical or methodological approaches that deepen our understanding of the relationship between (declining) trust and the quality of governance and government organisation. Papers presented at the conference might form part of a special issue proposal for Governance.


How to apply

Abstracts (400 words maximum) can be sent to Dr. Rik Peeters and Dr. Mauricio I. Dussauge-Laguna at



March 1, 2019 (paper givers will be notified by March 15, 2019)


Papers presented at the conference might form part of a special issue proposal for Governance.