The Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy has become a new IPPA memberINSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS 2019

29/03/2019 Team IPPA


The Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy is the first public policy school established in Thailand. Aside from conducting high quality research and providing consultations to governments, the school also offers international graduate programs and training courses in public policy. Our MA programs include the 1-year program and the 1+1 double degree program in collaboration with Northern Illinois University, while our PhD program proposes both coursework + thesis (4 years) and thesis only (3 years) tracks.  

Our programs and training courses aim to provide essential knowledge and cutting-edge skills in public policy for creating the new generation of policy scholars, ‘pracademics’, policy analysts, policy designers, managers, planners, strategists, and futurists. We pay particular attention to the contemporary approaches to public policy, policy options analysis, policy interventions and policy learning. In this vein, we offer new insight into the understanding of public policy beyond the traditional policy perspective. Also, we provide multiple lenses including technical, critical, interpretive and deliberative oriented that pave the way towards sound policies and support inclusive, innovative and progressive policy design in an environment of complexity.


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