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Become IPPA Institutional Member

How and why becoming an IPPA institutional member

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Become an institutional member of the International Public Policy Association!

Becoming an institutional member does more than support our association. The exclusive benefits of being an Institutional Member include:


· The promotion of your Institution on our website – your logo and short presentation are featured on our website (the website has had more than 152,000 hits since 2015 from over 98,000 unique visitors)

· Exposure in all our communication campaigns. Your logo is included in all our flyers, promotional materials, and social media. In 2019, we were present at or sent promotional materials for the following Conferences: CPSA, ISA, IPSA, APSA, ECPR, NPSA.

· The ability to publish announcements on our website and our bi-weekly newsletter. From your user account, you can create announcements to advertise your activities, job openings, and book releases. We also feature your announcements on our bi-weekly newsletter, sent out to more than 10,000 subscribers from all over the world.

· Receive 2 copies of each IRPP issue (4 issues by year)

· Complimentary space in a booth during one of our events. The next event is ICPP5 in Barcelona in 2021.

· Half-page advertisement space in ICPP5’s official program

· Free individual memberships for 10 Ph.D. students. This allows them to benefit from a discounted fee for ICPP5.

· Discount for your members on all our Summer Schools

· The right to nominate a representative at the College of the Association 

· If you support IRPP (see below), you will also benefit from the promotion of your University in our Print and Online version


We have decided to maintain the 2021 fee at €1,800 - the same rate for 2019 and 2020. The membership runs on a yearly basis, it is non-refundable and cannot be prorated.


Your contribution is crucial to support the development of an international public policy network! We sincerely hope the activities and opportunities we offer will encourage your Institution to become a partner member of IPPA.


Become an Official Sponsor of the International Review of Public Policy!

Our Association is happy to publish a highly ranked online open-access journal and has chosen to grant its access for free to both authors and readers. However, this choice imposes a cost to IPPA, with several management and editing costs to cover each year. To continue to offer our journal free of charge on a long-term basis, the support of sponsors is crucial.

Therefore, while becoming an institutional member you can also become an official sponsor of the IRPP by adding 1,000€ to your yearly Institutional membership fee. You will appear among the official sponsors and encourage the development of the review.


Please note that only Institutional Members of the Association can become Official Sponsors of IRPP.


To become a new institutional member (or if you need further clarification), please contact us via email at



Who are our current institutional members?


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