The Application for Grant is CLOSED. 

Application for Grants open only between 16th February - 1st March 2017!

All questions about LKY grants to be directed to:


Lee Kuan Yew School offers free accommodation for PhD students 

The LKY School is pleased to announce that they will support PhD students from all countries by providing free on-campus accommodation to PhD students presenting at the Conference. These will be awarded on a competitive basis based on the quality of the abstract. 

All PhD students may apply. To be eligible for this free accommodation, the candidate must have a paper accepted at ICPP3, following a classical selection process and must apply by an online system between 16th February and 1st March 2017. The selection committee, taking into account the number of available accommodation, will select based on the quality of the abstract. 



Terms & Conditions

  1. 4-nights hostel accommodation is available to 200 PhD Students for the conference period, 27th – 30th June 2017.
  2. The hostel (air-conditioned Single Room) is located at National University of Singapore @ UTown. Applicants who wish to request for additional night can contact the hostel directly at and pay directly to the hostel. (Maximum extension up to 2 days). For more information, please visit
  3. Applicants must be able to produce valid university identification upon check-in at Hostel.
  4. Applications must be submitted between 16th February 2017 and 1st March 2017. Do not apply before decision on acceptance of abstracts have been announced
  5. Application to be submitted through an online system dedicated for grant applications on this website (coming soon).
  6. Announcement of Result will be sent to your email address on 15th March 2017
  7. Grant will be awarded on competitive basis, on the basis of the quality of the submitted paper.



Lee Kuan Yew School offers grants for Asian scholars

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is pleased to support the participation of scholars from developing countries in Asia by providing travel subsidies of SGD 500. 


To be eligible to receive the grant, the candidate must have a paper accepted at ICPP3 following a classical selection process and apply by email between 16th February and 1st March 2017 (the email address will be shown here in due course). A selection committee will select scholars based on the quality of the abstracts.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Travel Grant is applicable to 100 individuals, whose paper has been shortlisted for ICPP 2017 and are employed on a full-time basis in low and lower-middle income countries in Asia as defined by World Bank here.
  2. Travel subsidies of SGD500 consisting of registration Fee and the reminder in cash whish will be dispersed during the Conference.
  3. Candidate who is interested in this grant must submit their proposal between the application period (i.e. submission of grant proposal): 16th February 2017 – 1st March 2017
  4. All proposals to be submitted through the dedicated page
  5. Announcement of the results will be sent to your email address on 15th March 2017.
  6. Grant is awarded on a competitive basis, determined on the basis of the quality of the submitted proposal.



The Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (UNDP) offers travel grants for scholars on certain topics



The Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE) is one of six Global Policy Centres of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which contribute to UNDP’s global development policy advisory functions, shape global thought leadership by providing evidence-based support and undertake development analytics for the global positioning of the organization and articulation of UNDP's discourse in global development processes. The Global Policy Centres provide research support and leverage partnerships to support better use of the organization’s funding for emerging priorities and innovation. GCPSE acts as a knowledge and convening hub on public service excellence, promoting cutting edge practices in public management and administrative reforms.

Given the importance of public administration in delivering the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the GCPSE intends to collaborate with the academic community in developing evidence on the relevant policy aspects. As partners of the ICPP, the GCPSE has selected a number of panels (indicated in panel descriptions) that it will consider travel grant applications for.

A limited number of travel grants will offered to PhD students and academic staff employed on a full-time basis in low and lower middle income countries (list here). Please note: recipients of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) travel grant are not eligible for the GCPSE grant. The two grant issuing institutions will not allow a bundling of both grants. The grant will comprise of an economy class ticket (to and from Singapore, or the equivalent sum) as well as a daily subsistence allowance for the days of the conference. Only one author per paper is eligible to apply.

Applications are open between 16th February and 1st March 2017. A selection committee will screen the submissions for eligibility and select scholars based on the quality and relevance of the abstracts.


Other Terms & Conditions

  1. All grants are mutually exclusive.
  2. The assessors’ decisions are final.
  3. For enquiry about the grant, please email to