List of panels


T01 - Policy Process Theories

Philippe Zittoun -
P01 - Policy Transfer: Innovations in Theory and Practice
Leslie Pal -
Christopher Walker -
P02 - Theory and Practice of Leadership in Public Policy
Maria Tullia Galanti -
Gabriele Segre -
P03 - Roles of Trust in Policy Process
Hyung Jun Park -
Minhyo Cho -
P04 - Mechanisms of Local Policy Experimentation in China
Xufeng Zhu -
P05 - What Can China’s Water Governance Contribute to Policy Theory?
Yahua Wang -
Cecilia Tortajada -
Asit K. Biswas -
P06 - Designing Policy Mixes for Sustainable Socio-technical Transitions
Araz Taeihagh -
Sreeja Nair -
P07 - Policy-Making in a Context of Contested Paradigms
Grace Skogstad -
Matt Wilder -
P08 - Crowdsourcing as a Policy Tool: Co-Production in the Digital Era
Araz Taeihagh -
Michael Howlett -
P09 - Political Sociology of the Policy Process
Patrick Hassenteufel -
Philippe Zittoun -
Alexandre Faure -
P10 - Systems Theory and Modelling for Public Policy: System Dynamics, Agent-based Models, and Other Approaches
Inna Krachkovskaya -
Alberto Asquer -
P11 - Policy Regime Framework: Towards Better Theories of the Policy Process
Iftikhar Lodhi -
P12 - New Frontiers in Public Policy Studies: Lessons from Agri-food Policy Research
Peter Feindt -
Carsten Daugbjerg -

T02 - Comparative Public Policy sponsored by Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis

P01 - Policy Styles in Theory and Practice
Michael Howlett -
Jale Tosun -
P02 - Comparing Different Models of the Public/Private Sector Mix in the Delivery of Healthcare Services
Howard Palley -
P03 - Comparative Public Administration: Eastern vs Western Perspectives
Zeger Van der Wal -
P04 - Methodology for Comparative Policy Analysis
B. Guy Peters -
Guillaume Fontaine -
P05 - Understanding Causal Mechanisms that Make Financial Systems More (in)Stable
Caner Bakir -
Jun Jie Woo -
Mehmet Kerem Coban -
P06 - Interface of Law and Public Policy
Sony Pellissery -
Babu Mathew -
Avinash Govindjee -
P09 - Collaborative Governance and Deliberative Policymaking in Comparative Perspective
Christopher Ansell -
PerOla Öberg -
P10 - Bias and Representation in Policy Making
Anne Rasmussen -
Dimiter Toshkov -
P11 - Policy Transfer and Diffusion: Looking at Policy Features and the Policy Process
Michelle Morais de Sa e Silva -
P12 - Analysing Knowledge Policy Coordination for the 21st Century
Martina Vukasovic -
Jens Jungblut -
Meng Hsuan Chou -
P13 - Confronting Theories of Institutional Change in Anticorruption Research
Denis Saint-Martin -
Daniel Weinstock -
P15 - Realities of Public Policy and Management Reforms in Central Asia
Saltanat Janenova -
Colin Knox -
P17 - Policy Tools for Environment and Social Policies
M Ramesh -
Namrata Chindarkar -
P18 - Coordination in Public Policy
B. Guy Peters -
M Ramesh -
P20 - Formulating Policy
Ishani Mukherjee -
Michael Howlett -
Bali Azad Singh -
P22 - Process, Performance and Political Legitimacy in Public Policy
Zeger Van der Wal -
P25 - Social Cohesion, Diversity and Public Policies
Sebastian ROCHE -
P26 - Bridging the Gap between Research and Action: Making Research Accessible to Civil Society and Policymakers
Nicholas Perry -
Mushtaque Chowdhury -
P28 - Governance Challenges in Institutional Performance and Public Policy
Gambhir Bhatta -
P31 - Drug Policy Analysis: Definition, Concepts and Methodology
anne philibert -
P32 - Cultural Policy: Local/National/Regional/Global
Su Fern Hoe -
Tully Barnett -
P33 - Comparative Public Policy: An Asian Perspective
Wilson Wai Ho Wong -
P34 - Urban Policies: Charting a New Territory for Policy Studies
Fritz Sager -
David Kaufmann -
P35 - The Politics of Open Government in Iberoamerican Countries: A Comparative View About its Determinants and its Implementation Processes
Cesar Nicandro Cruz-Rubio -
Mauricio Olavarria-Gambi -
P36 - Innovation, Governance and Reform: Lessons from the Developing World
Antonio Sergio Araújo Fernandes -
Andrei Suárez Dillon Soares -

T03 - Policy and Politics sponsored by Policy & Politics Journal

P01 - Innovative Governance and the Governance of Change
Lain Dare -
Diane Stone -
Paul Fawcett -
P02 - Disproportionate and Instable Forms of Policy Outputs
Eva Thomann -
Achim Kemmerling -
P04 - Uncovering Politics in Public Policies for Agriculture and Food
Eve Fouilleux -
Jessica Duncan -
P06 - Policy, Values and Human Behaviour
Linda Botterill -
Geoff Cockfield -
Alan Fenna -
P07 - Urban Policies & Health Inequalities
Daniel Weinstock -
Shona Hilton -
P08 - Democracy Institutions and Public Policy Performance
Do Hai Phu -
P09 - Authoritarian Deliberation Revisited: What Does It Mean for Our Understanding of Democratic Governance?
Hendrik Wagenaar -
Baogang He -
P10 - Political Economy of Social Policy Reform in China
Qian Jiwei -
P11 - Bringing Politics to the Analysis of Performance Measurement Programs: Case and Comparative Studies in Health Policy
Fabiana C. Saddi -
Nick Turnbull -
P12 - Policy Processes through the Prism of Mobilizations
Dounia Khallouki -
Jean-Gabriel Contamin -
P13 - Globalisation, Politics, and Public Policy
Yuen Foong Khong -

T07 - Policy Design, Policy Analysis, Expertise and Evaluation

P01 - The Design of Policy and Governance Design: Principles, Practices and Potentials
Arwin van Buuren -
Martijn van der Steen -
Giliberto Capano -
P02 - Public Policy and Uncertainty
Joost Buurman -
Olivia Jensen -
P03 - Expertise and Evidence in Public Policy
Brian Head -
Erik Baekkeskov -
Justin Parkhurst -
P04 - The Rise of Policy Labs
Emma Blomkamp -
Jenny Lewis -
Michael Howlett -
P06 - Evidence-based Policy Making and Policy Evaluation
Giancarlo Vecchi -
Hiroko Kudo -
Mita Marra -
P07 - Policy Advice and Policy Advocacy in China
Xufeng Zhu -
P08 - The Accountability and Legitimacy of Knowledge Expert in Policy Making
Jon Pierre -
Sullivan Helen -
P12 - Public-Private Partnerships as Public Policy
Olivia Jensen -
P13 - Think-tanks in Action: A Comparative Perspective
Jordan Tchilingirian -
Marcos Gonzalez Hernando -
Enrique Mendizabal -
P14 - Policy Evaluation in Performance Regimes: A Comparative Perspective
Liang Ma -
Bo Yan -

T09 - Governance, Policy networks and Multi-level Governance

P01 - Natural Resource Governance in the Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development: State, Corporate and Civil Society Dynamics
Jason McSparren -
Tok M. Evren -
P02 - Partnerships for Livable Cities
Cor van montfort -
Ank Michels -
P03 - Space for Dialogue: Policy Network and Multi-level Governance of the Mekong River Basin
Huijuan Wu -
Ching Leong -
P04 - Smart Cities in Asia
Yu-Min Joo -
Yee Kuang Heng -
P06 - Institutional Collective Action Mechanism in Asia: Collective Problem Solving Mechanism in Multi-level Governance
Hyung Jun Park -
Richard Feiock -
P07 - Global Development Agendas as a Challenge for Policy Coordination in Multi-Level Governance Systems
Smoke Paul -
Gambhir Bhatta -
P08 - Experimentalist Welfare Governance in the European Union
Klaus Schubert -
Minna Van Gerven -
Lukas Jerg -
P11 - The Governance of Innovative Technologies
Araz Taeihagh -
Li Yanwei -
P12 - Challenges for Multilevel Governance: Civil Society and Institutional Conditions for Effective Inclusion in Latin America and Europe
Adela Romero-Tarín -
P14 - Corruption as a Public Problem: Do Policymakers Need a New Perspective?
Steven Gawthorpe -
sofia wickberg -
Giulia Mugellini -
P15 - Transnational Circulation and Multilevel Governance of University Reforms: What Higher Education Teaches about Policy Science
Olivier Provini -
Pauline Ravinet -
P16 - Public Policies and Urban Governance in the Global South: Dealing With Policy Processes that Challenge Established Boundaries
Charlotte Halpern -
Alvaro Artigas -
Alza Carlos -
P17 - Fragmentation in Global Policy-making: Mapping the Problem and Exploring Coordination Mechanisms
Maarja Beerkens -
P18 - Integrity in Government
Adam Graycar -
A J Brown -
P19 - Good Governance in Asia
Charles Chao Rong Phua -
Kidjie Ian Saguin -
Maitreyee Mukherjee -

T16 - Sustainable Development and Policy

P01 - Audit, Control and Environmental Evaluation of Public Policies
YOMBO SEMBE Eugène Arnaud -
Iftikhar Lodhi -
P02 - The Future of Environmental Policy in a Time of Global Crisis
Anthony Zito -
Sina Leipold -
P04 - Responding to Water Scarcity and Quality in the Nexus: Effects on the Water, Energy and Food Sectors
Cecilia Tortajada -
Quentin Grafton -
Jamie Pittock -
P05 - Policies to Enhance Sustainable Development in Africa
Geoffrey Nwaka -
P09 - Sustainable Development and Environment Policy
Namrata Chindarkar -
Sonia Akter -
Yvonne Chen -
P11 - Sustainable Development, Public Policy and the Local
Satyajit Singh -
Ajit Menon -
P13 - Policy to Sustain Drinking Water
Zigmond Kozicki -
Stephanie Baiyasi-Kozicki -
P14 - Citizens and businesses: approaches to engagement in sustainability governance and outcomes
Dr. Valentina Dinica -
P15 - Conditions of Sustainable Development Policy
Do Hai Phu -
P17 - Sustainable Development and Policy Intervention in Asia
Renu Kapila -
Arunoday Bajpai -
Giancarlo Vecchi -
P20 - The Use of ICTs to Improve Governance and Accountability Outcomes
Shahjahan Bhuiyan -
P22 - Industrial Development as Pathway for Achieving SDG 9: Retention and Deployment of ‘Policy Space’ in the Industrial Aspirant Countries (IACs) of Global South
Kazi Haque -
P25 - Participatory Community-based Development Approaches, Local Institutions and Indigenous and Traditional Societies
Carlos Potiara Castro -