MultiSessions 8

Friday, June 30th 13:45 to 15:45


Session Panel Room

T01P04 Session 1 Mechanisms of Local Policy Experimentation in China

Mechanisms of Local Policy Experimentation in China

Block B 2 - 1

T01P10 Session 3 Complexity across policy domains

Systems Theory and Modelling for Public Policy: System Dynamics, Agent-based Models, and Other Approaches

Block B 2 - 3

T02P01 Session 1

Policy Styles in Theory and Practice

CJK 1 - 1

T02P02 Session 2 Some Comparative Analyses of the Public/Private Sector Mix in a Variety of Health Care Services

Comparing Different Models of the Public/Private Sector Mix in the Delivery of Healthcare Services

Manasseh Meyer MM 2 - 3

T02P04 Session 3 Methodology for CPA 3/3

Methodology for Comparative Policy Analysis

Manasseh Meyer MM 2 - 2

T02P36 Session 1

Innovation, Governance and Reform: Lessons from the Developing World

Li Ka Shing LKS 1 - 1

T03P02 Session 1

Disproportionate and Instable Forms of Policy Outputs

CJK 1 - 2

T03P10 Session 3

Political Economy of Social Policy Reform in China

Block B 3 - 1

T03P11 Session 2 Global normative and political perspectives of performance measurement and reward

Bringing Politics to the Analysis of Performance Measurement Programs: Case and Comparative Studies in Health Policy

Block B 5 - 6

T04P01 Session 3

Wicked Problems in Public Policy – From Theory to Practice

Manasseh Meyer MM 3 - 2

T04P03 Session 3 Policy Change

Policy Change: Revisiting the Past, Analyzing Contemporary Processes and Stimulating Inter-temporal Comparisons

Block B 3 - 2

T05P05 Session 2

Into the Light: Political Advisers in Contemporary and Comparative Perspective

Manasseh Meyer MM 3 - 4

T06P01 Session 3 Innovation and Public Administration Trends

Public Sector Innovation: Organizational and Institutional Trends in the Post-New Public Management Era

Block B 3 - Auditorium

T06P03 Session 1

Violence Prevention Policy and Practices

Manasseh Meyer MM 3 - 1

T07P14 Session 2

Policy Evaluation in Performance Regimes: A Comparative Perspective

Block B 5 - 2

T08P04 Session 1 Theory and Practice of Deliberative Policy Analysis

Theory and Practice of Deliberative Policy Analysis

Li Ka Shing LKS 1 - 2

T08P05 Session 1 Corporations and Think Tanks

Corporations and Think Tanks: Knowledge Utilization Beyond Political Technocracy

Manasseh Meyer MM 2 - 1

T09P01 Session 1

Natural Resource Governance in the Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development: State, Corporate and Civil Society Dynamics

Block B 4 - 5

T09P08 Session 1

Experimentalist Welfare Governance in the European Union

Block B 4 - 3

T09P14 Session 3 Extending the Determinants of Corruption

Corruption as a Public Problem: Do Policymakers Need a New Perspective?

Block B 5 - 1

T09P15 Session 1

Transnational Circulation and Multilevel Governance of University Reforms: What Higher Education Teaches about Policy Science

Block B 5 - 3

T12P06 Session 1

Corporate Power and Developing Countries

Block B 5 - 5

T13P02 Session 2

Gender Inequality and Public Policy in Asian Societies

Block B 4 - 1

T14P03 Session 1

The Data/Sensor Revolution and Public Policy

Block B 4 - 4

T16P04 Session 2 Water Allocation and Governance

Responding to Water Scarcity and Quality in the Nexus: Effects on the Water, Energy and Food Sectors

Block B 4 - 6

T16P11 Session 2

Sustainable Development, Public Policy and the Local

Block B 3 - 3

T16P20 Session 2

The Use of ICTs to Improve Governance and Accountability Outcomes

Block B 3 - 4

T17P05 Session 2 Educational Policies, its Tensions, Agendas and Developments (II)

Educational Policies, its Tensions, Agendas and Developments: What Can We Learn from the International Experience?

Block B 3 - Lecture

T17aP06 Session 3

Conference in a Conference: Comparative Health Policy & Health Politics

Manasseh Meyer MM 3 - 5

T17aP13 Session 2

Financing Long-Term Care for the Elderly in Asia

Block B 3 - 5

T17aP14 Session 2 Understanding Health Policies, their Origins, and their Impacts

Understanding Population Health Policies and their Impacts: Comparative Perspectives

Block B 3 - 6

T17bP16 Session 2 Entrepreneurship policy

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Urban Policy: International Experiences

Block B 3 - 7