List of panels

ICPP2 - Milan 2015

T01 - Policy process theories

T01P02 - Grounding polycentric governance: constitutional rules, the characteristics of social problems and their illustration in water management
Andreas Thiel -
Bill Blomquist -
Anas Malik -
T01P05 - Using Traditional Policy Theories and Concepts in Untraditional Ways
Christopher Weible -
Paul Cairney -
T01P08 - Theories and conceptions of the political process beyond ?Policy Cycle? and ?Multiple Streams?
Michael Boecher -
Annette Toeller -
T01P12 - Information Processing and Policy Dynamics
Samuel Workman -
Christian Breunig -
T01P09 - Policy Analysis in France
Patrick Hassenteufel -
Philippe Zittoun -
Charlotte Halpern -
T01P01- Sequencing in Public Policy
Carsten Daugbjerg -
Grace Skogstad -
T01P03 - Global Policy and Transnational Administration
Diane Stone -
Stella Ladi -
T01P11 - Policy and Politics in Hydraulic Fracturing: Advancing Theories of Contentious Policy Issues
Tanya Heikkila -
Christopher Weible -
T01P04 - Theorising the process of policy
Hal Colebatch -
T01P07 - The Advocacy Coalition Framework in Comparative Perspective
Daniel Nohrstedt -
T01P10 - Advances in the Multiple Streams Framework of the policy process
Thomas Birkland -
Nikolaos Zahariadis -
T01P06 - Roundtable on Narratives and the Policy Process
Elizabeth Shanahan -
Claudio Radaelli -
Claire Dunlop -

T02 - Comparative public policy

T02P21 Roundtable : Global Policy convergence? New challenges for comparative policy analysis methods.
Iris Geva-May -
T02P14 - Comparative Public Policy and Comparative Politics: Their Relationship and Fruitful Cooperation
Scott Greer -
Margitta Mätzke -
T02P10 - Policy making between challenges and opportunities: an African Perspective
Riccardo Pelizzo -
Riccardo Pelizzo -
T02P17 - Judicial policies and organizational modernization. A paradigm shift in the comparative analysis of the judiciary
Giancarlo Vecchi -
Daniela Piana -
T02P08 - Higher Education Policy in Asia: Reform, Outcomes, Equity and Access
Darryl Jarvis -
Ka Ho Mok -
T02P01 - Policy Analysis in Mexico
Mauricio Dussauge -
Joseluis Mendez -
T02P12 - Public Policy Innovation for the 21st Century: Lessons from the Developing World
Paulo Calmon -
T02P09 - Regulating Judges: Expanding the Horizons
Richard Devlin -
T02P18 - Policy Making at the Center of Government: Centering and Decentering Dynamics in Comparative Perspective
Jonathan Craft -
B. Guy Peters -
T02P04 - Challenges to European Welfare Systems ?Current Problems and Future Perspectives
Klaus Schubert -
Johanna Kuhlmann -
T02P02 - Policy Transfer: Micro-Mechanics and Macro-Effects: local and national actors
Leslie Pal -
Magdaléna Hadjiisky -
T02P20 Policy Transfer: Micro-Mechanics and Macro-Effects: international actors
Magdaléna Hadjiisky -
Leslie Pal -
T02P11 - Analysing Instruments of Public Policy: The case of social policy
Jane Jenson -
Nora Nagels -
T02P19 - Policy Instruments and their publics
Noemi Lendvai -
T02P07 - Comparing Horizontal Coordination of Policy Sectors
Philipp Trein -
Tanja Klenk -
T02P06 Public Participation, Democratic Accountability and the Budgetary Process / T18P30 - Social Policies in Global Markets
Grace Skogstad -
Holly Jarman -
T02P03 - Challenges to Energy Markets: Triggers and Policy Responses
Jale Tosun -
Achim Lang -
Michael Dobbins -
T02P05 - Patterns and pathways of convergence/divergence in higher education: A comparative perspective
Martina Vukasovic -
Donald Westerheijden -

T03 - Policy and politics

T03P20 - Theoretical Perspectives on the Politics of Policymaking
Steven Smith -
T03P13 - Private sector and Universal Health Coverage: Examining evidence and deconstructing rhetoric
Anuj Kapilashrami -
Mohga Kamal-Yanni -
Jessica Hamer -
T03P07 - Examining the legitimation strategies of delegated agencies
Amanda Smullen -
Matt Wood -
T03P18 - The politics surrounding public policy in the global South
lauriane Gay -
Francesca DI Matteo -
T03P16 - Active Labour Market Policies and the Governance of Social Investment Welfare State: the Youth Guarantee programs in Europe
Patrik Vesan -
Paolo Roberto Graziano -
T03P05 - Prostitution Policy and Sex Work Governance ? Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
Genevieve Fuji Johnson -
Hendrik Wagenaar -
Leslie Jeffrey -
T03P11 - International examples in the Political Process of Policymaking
Brenton Prosser -
Maïmouna Ndong-Etroit -
T03P08 - Social Movements and Policy Analysis: Theoretical Challenges and Empirical Findings
Paolo Roberto Graziano -
manuela caiani -
T03P15 - The policy of institutional reform
Martino Mazzoleni -
Nicola Pasini -
T03P04 - The Dynamics of Regulatory Change in a Post-Deregulation World
Jeff Worsham -
Marc Eisner -
T03P02 - Do populist parties matter? Challenging the link between policy discourse and policy outputs
Claire Dupuy -
Nathalie Schiffino-Leclercq -
T03P06 - Legitimacy, Participation and Escalation in the Course of Policy Processes for Large Building and Infrastructure Projects
Nils C. Bandelow -
Peter Biegelbauer -
T03P09 - Connecting the dots between climate policy and social policy: Normative and empirical conditions for environmental welfare states (aka eco-social states)
Mi Ah Schoyen -
Max Koch -
T03P01 - Making Governance Work: Policy Making in an Era of Polarized Politics
David Jesuit -
Ian Roberge -
T03P19 - Depoliticization & Crisis: Contingency and Contestation in the Face of Policy Failure
Adam Standring -
Catherine Moury -
T03P10 - Policy Narratives and Public Policy
Elizabeth Shanahan -
Michael Jones -

T08 - Policy advice, expertise and evaluation

T08P13 - What?s new in policy evaluation? Exploring theoretical and methodological approaches to assess complex programs
Mita Marra -
Francesco Mazzeo Rinaldi -
T08P12 - Is it research "for" policy or research "of" policy?
Alessandro Colombo -
T08P06 - Comparing policy advisory systems
Thurid Hustedt -
Martin Schulz -
Jan Van Damme -
T08P04 - Mechanisms for the policy sciences: Theories, methods and applications
Erica Melloni -
T08P02 - How do democracy and policy evaluation speak to each other?
Fritz Sager -
Thomas Saretzki -
T08P10 - Governing welfare state reforms in times of crisis: the role of expertise and policy knowledge
Sonja Blum -
Holger Strassheim -
T08P11 - Advancing public policy assessment in global environmental assessments (GEAs)
Christian Flachsland -
Martin Kowarsch -
T08P09 - Does regulation matter? Evaluating the impact of regulatory policies
Christoph Knill -
Steffen Hurka -
Christian Adam -
T08P01 - Policy Work Research: Linking Evidence with Theory
Martin Nekola -
Arnost Veselý -
T08P05 - Think Tanks and Policy Advisory Systems
Luca Barani -
xavier carpentier tanguy -
Mattia Diletti -
T08P03 - Non-Implementation Policy Tools: Uses and Consequences
Michael Howlett -
T08P07 - The interaction of research and policy - political and institutional factors shaping the use of policy relevant evidence
Justin Parkhurst -
Kathryn Oliver -

T10 - Public policy, administration and policymakers

T10P04 - Political Advisers, Policy Theory and the Policy Process
Richard Shaw -
Jonathan Craft -
Chris Eichbaum -
T10P11 - Policy change and policy instruments change: Ends, means, processes, outcomes
Maria Velasco -
T10P10 - Public problem-solving through co-production
Tina Nabatchi -
Maddalena Sorrentino -
mariafrancesca sicilia -
T10P06 - Public Policy and the Global-Local Dilemma
Tim Legrand -
Hélène Caune -
Angie Gago -
T10P15 - Evidence Based Bureaucracies and the transformation of public policies
Patrick Hassenteufel -
Benamouzig Daniel -
Magali ROBELET -
T10P19 Policy Making on the Ground Floor of Government
evelyn brodkin -
Peter HUPE -
Aurélien Buffat -
T10P14 - Policy integration and the coordination of wicked problems
Duncan Russel -
Helle Ørsted Nielsen -
T10P09 - The State at the Level of the Street: Street-Level Organizations and Public Policy Research
Aurélien Buffat -
evelyn brodkin -
Peter HUPE -
T10P13 - Entrepreneurship in the polis: political entrepreneurs, policy making, and diverse contexts.
Evangelia Petridou -
Lee Miles -
T10P07 - Performance Federalism
Stephen Jones -
Geert Bouckaert -
T10P12 - Political Agency in the Policy Process
Jan Olsson -
Erik Hysing -
T10P03 - Policy Capacity: Empirical Explorations and Conceptual Clarifications
Michael Howlett -
T10P02 - Perspectives and Practices of State Executives and Policy Elites: Comparative Understandings
Bryan Evans -
T10P01 - Non-state Organizations in the Policy Process: Comparative Perspectives
Bryan Evans -
T10P08 - Policy learning & Policy change: Theorizing the relation from different perspectives
Stéphane Moyson -
Peter Scholten -
Christopher Weible -

T18 - Specific policy topics

T18P04 - Innovations in Teaching Public Policy and Public Administration: What are they and do they work?
Eduardo Araral -
M Ramesh -
T18P01 - Public policies and the public
Marleen Brans -
T18P03 - Public sector modernization between NPM-driven shifts and post-NPM? moves
Hellmut Wollmann -
Stig Montin -
T18P13 - On the Road to Permissiveness? Analyzing patterns of morality policy change
Stephan Heichel -
Christian Adam -
Christoph Knill -
T18P06 - Institutional entrepreneurship and institutional change in public policy making
Caner Bakir -
Darryl Jarvis -
T18P07 - Accounting for politics and the politics of accounting in the public sector
mariafrancesca sicilia -
Eugenio Anessi Pessina -
Ileana Steccolini -
T18P10- Learning About Policy Pathways
Benjamin Cashore -
T18P02 - The new policy and politics of food and agriculture
Carsten Daugbjerg -
Peter Feindt -
T18P11 - How to take into account recent mobility changes in transport policy?
Patricia Lejoux -
Nathalie Ortar -
T18P09 - Policy Process Theories in Urban Systems Research
Antje Witting -
T18P34 - Urban regeneration policies in Europe: Theory and practice.
Maria Angeles Huete García -
Moneyba González Medina -
T18P05 - Institutions, ideas, and networks in cultural policy
Kate Mattocks -
Lisa Marx -
T18P14 - Public Policies in Post-conflict scenarios
Andres Macias -
Carlos Soto -
T18P08 - Public Policy in Turkey. Multiple faces of neoliberal policies in Turkey: interdisciplinary and sectorial approaches, fields and methods
Ceren Ark Yildirim -