List of panels



P01 - Great Minds, Ideas, Events and People: Ideational Scholarship, Empirical Analysis, and Behavior
Claudio Radaelli -
Jonathan Kamkhaji -
Femke Van Esch -
P02 - Public Policy Transfer: Power, Unconventional Agents, Directions and Translations
Leslie Pal -
Osmany Porto de Oliveira -
Cecilia Osorio Gonnet -
P03 - Knowledge and Non-Knowledge in Theories of the Policy Process
Dana Dolan -
Åsa Knaggård -
Sonja Blum -
P05 - Taking Stock of Policy Entrepreneurship: Current Trajectories and Future Directions
Evangelia Petridou -
P06 - Ambiguity and Public Policy
Nikolaos Zahariadis -
Thomas Birkland -
P07 - Further Defining the Relevance of Agency in the Policy Process: Theoretical and Empirical Issues
Patrick Hassenteufel -
Joseluis Mendez -
P09 - Advocacy Coalition Framework: Advancing Theory and Evidence about Phenomena of Policy Processes
Christopher Weible -
Metodi Sotirov -
Tim Heinmiller -
P10 - Old and New Challenges in Public Policy
Christopher Weible -
Laura Chaqués Bonafont -
B. Guy Peters -
P11 - Policy Networks
Dmitry Zaytsev -
P12 - Non Decision Making and Power
Michal Neubauer-Shani -
Omri Shamir -
P13 - Making Sense of (and Through) Policy Theory
Thomas Birkland -
Hal Colebatch -
P14 - Public Policy-Making in Developing Countries
Kidjie Ian Saguin -
Florano Ebinezer -


P01 - Knowledge Policy Dynamics in the Global Context
Martina Vukasovic -
Jens Jungblut -
Meng Hsuan Chou -
P02 - Public Policy Challenges and Multi-level Governance in Japan: Sharing Japan’s Experiences as a Forerunner of Emerging Issues
Masao Kikuchi -
P03 - Traditions of Public Administration Research: Should they be Celebrated?
Alasdair Roberts -
Etienne Charbonneau -
Chris Eichbaum -
P04 - Migration and Citizenship: Policies and Research in Global Comparative Perspective
Yasmeen Abu-Laban -
Mireille Paquet -
Ethel Tungohan -
P07 - The Political Economy of Public Policy
Matia Vannoni -
John Peter -
P08 - Problem-Solving and Learning in Multilevel Governance
Eva Thomann -
Claire Dunlop -
P09 - Australia and New Zealand Public Policy in Comparative Perspective
Joshua Newman -
Brian Coffey -
P10 - Bad Governance and Public Management Problems in the Developing World: Frameworks, Evidence and Cases
Luciano Andrenacci -
Michael Barzelay -
Christian Cervantes-Bautista -
P11 - Are Public Policies still Public? Questioning the Relationship between the Public and Private Sector in the Global South
Clément Soriat -
Olivier Provini -
P12 - Pushing the Boundaries of Comparative Public Policy
Isabelle Engeli -
Christine Rothmayr Allison -
P13 - The Rise of Regulation in Developing and Transitional Countries
Mauricio Dussauge -
Alejandra Elizondo -
Lodge Martin -
P14 - IT-Mediated Platforms and the Public Sector: Applications of Sharing Economy, Block-chains and Crowd-sourcing
Araz Taeihagh -
P15 - Comparing Poverty Reduction Strategies
Geranda Notten -
P17 - Hy-Policies: Policy Transfer, Policy Learning and Hybridization of Policies in different Institutional Contexts.
Jessica Bensa -
Daniel Casal -
P18 - What Does Comparative Policy Analysis Have to Do With the Structure-Institution-Agency Debate?
Caner Bakir -
Mehmet Kerem Coban -
Sinan Akgunay -
P19 - Causal Claims and Causal inferences in Comparative Policy Analysis
Iris Geva-May -
Guillaume Fontaine -
Philipp Trein -


P01 - Politics and Public Administration within Core Executives
Chris Eichbaum -
Richard Shaw -
P02 - Bureaucratic Influence in Global Public Policy
Jörn Ege -
P03 - Political Leadership in Interactive Governance
Eva Sørensen -
Sarah Ayres -
Tina Øllgaard Bentzen -
P04 - Combining Instruments in Formulating Policies: Why and How Decision-makers Set up Policy Instruments’ Mixes
Andrea Lippi -
Giliberto Capano -
P05 - Governance and State Capacity in the Age of Innovation
Pedro Cavalcante -
Gabriela Lotta -
Katherine Bersch -
P06 - Defining and Measuring the Impact of “Digital Transformation” on Policymaking
Amanda Clarke -
Jonathan Craft -
Evert Lindquist -
P07 - Information Sources, Processing and Use in Policy Formulation
David Aubin -
Eric Montpetit -
P08 - Policy Actors and Instruments
Carole Clavier -
Maya Jegen -
Romain Lecler -
P09 - Public Policy for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies: Governing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and More
Eric Lindquist -
Jenny Lewis -
Gosia Mikolaczak -
P10 - Collaborative Governance as a Bridge Between Public Policy and Public Administration
Lihi Lahat -
Neta Sher-Hadar -
P11 - Politics and Policy in Metropolitan Context: Actors, Narratives and Instruments
Maïmouna Ndong-Etroit -
Jeanne Chauvel -
P12 - Instruments of Social-welfare Provision
Gordon Shockley -
P13 - The construction of Policy Solution: The Hidden Face of the Governmental Policy Formulation
Philippe Zittoun -
Frank Fischer -


P02 - Advancing Thinking on Policy Tools: A Research Agenda
Michael Howlett -
Giliberto Capano -
P03 - The Design of Policy, Governance and Public Service
Arwin van Buuren -
Jenny Lewis -
B. Guy Peters -
P04 - Resilience, Adaptability and Transformability in Public Policies and the Co-evolving Dynamics of Organizations
Romulo Pinheiro -
Mitchell Young -
Maria Laura Frigotto -
P05 - Advancing the Policy Design Framework
B. Guy Peters -
Guillaume Fontaine -
P06 - Trends in University Funding Policies
Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant -
P07 - Making ‘Credible’ Knowledge for Policy: the Politics (and Practice) of Expertise
Natalie Papanastasiou -
Chris Hurl -
P08 - Fiscal Governance: an International Perspective
Haizhen Mou -
Michael Atkinson -
P09 - Citizens and Evidence-Based Policy Making: Perfect Couple or Strange Bedfellows?
Valerie Pattyn -
Pirmin Bundi -
P10 - Governing Complex Problems: Issues of Uncertainty, Time, Scale and Transformation
Margot Hurlbert -
Cheryl Camillo -
Murray Fulton -
P11 - Advancing the Understanding of Evidence Use in Public Policymaking – Insights from Multiple Conceptual Approaches
Justin Parkhurst -
Kathryn Oliver -
Paul Cairney -
P12 - Evaluating Performance-based Financing in Health
Holly Nazar -
Marnie Davidson -
Arijit Nandi -
P13 - Comparative perspectives on energy and adaptation
Maya Jegen -
P14 - Public Policy and its Impact on the Health-related Sustainable Development Goals: Enactment, Enforcement, Effectiveness, and Equity
Arijit Nandi -
P15 - Policy Evaluation and Policy Process Studies
Giancarlo Vecchi -
Hiroko Kudo -
Bruno Dente -


P01 - Narrative Policy Discourse
Hugh Miller -
Jennifer Dodge -
P02 - Making Sense of Complex Policy Worlds Using Interpretive Methods
Prudence R Brown -
Michael Orsini -
Warner Sarah -
P03 - Climate Change and the Future of Democracy I
Rosana Boullosa -
P04 - Post-Truth and Alternative Facts: What Role for Critical Policy Research?
Frank Fischer -
Doug Torgerson -
P05 - Foundational Works in Public Policy Studies: Harold D. Lasswell
Eve Seguin -
Nick Turnbull -
Guy Lachapelle -
P06 - Think Tank Discourse and Political Change: Strategies, Identities, and Shifting Political Tides
Julien Landry -
Marcos Gonzalez Hernando -
P07 - Policy Narratives and Public Policy
Elizabeth Shanahan -
Michael Jones -
Thomas Birkland -
P08 - Critical Urban Policy
Meghan Joy -
Ronald Vogel -
P09 - Emotions, Narratives and Policy Change
Nathalie Burlone -
Anne Mevellec -
P10 - War On Expertise – War On Culture: Understanding the Expert-Culture Boundary in Current Policy Controversies
Karel Cada -
Anna Durnová -
Eva Hejzlarová -
P12 - Roundtable - The Critical Lasswell? Critical Policy Studies and Lasswell’s Policy Sciences
Eve Seguin -
P14 - Critical Policy Studies and the Politics of Oppression
Jennifer Dodge -
Kathrin Braun -
P15 - Varieties of Behavioural Public Policy: Modes, Manifestations and Political Consequences of a Global Discourse
Holger Strassheim -
P16 - Exploring Nexus Problems: Critical Perspectives on the Problems of Policy Interdependencies
Holger Strassheim -
Rebecca-Lea Korinek -
P17 - Democratic Experimentation and Public Policies in Latin America: Challenges and Perspectives
Carolina Andion -
Leonardo Secchi -
Rubens Lima Moraes -
P19 - Decolonizing Critical Policy Research: Moving Towards Producing Relevant and Reliable Knowledges
Binish Ahmed -


P02 - Understanding Power in Energy Policymaking
Adrian Rinscheid -
Maya Jegen -
P03 - The Politics of Business in Sustainability Transformations
Sina Leipold -
P07 - Development Policy at the Crossroad: What Really Matters for Sustainable Progress?
Heike Grimm -
Juliane Corredor Jimenez -
P08 - The Politics of Carbon Pricing
Erick Lachapelle -
P09 - Urban Environmental Governance and Policy in Metropolises of the Global South
Klaus Frey -
Jutta Gutberlet -
Pedro JACOBI -
P10 - Policy Integration for Boundary-Spanning Policy Problems: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Policy
Biesbroek Robbert -
Alexandra Lesnikowski -
Daniel Henstra -
P11 - The Role of Public Environmental Policy in Governing Global Interlinkages
Andrea Lenschow -
Jens Newig -
Edward Challies -
P15 - Climate Policies: The Role of Preferences and Perceptions
Silvia Pianta -
Adrian Rinscheid -
P16 - The Role of Public Policymaking in the Termination of Unsustainable Technologies, Products, and Practices
Adrian Rinscheid -
P17 - Contested Knowledge and Expertise in Sustainability Politics
Ulrike Zeigermann -
Michael Böcher -
P19 - Beyond Typologies: Innovation in the Study of Environmental Policy Instruments
Jeremy Rayner -
Margot Hurlbert -
Ishani Mukherjee -
P20 - Sustainable Development, Environment Governance and Urban Policy
Inderjeet Singh Sodhi -
Ching Leong -
Manoj Dixit -
P21 - Engaging Communication for a Sustainable Future: From Commitment to Concrete Action
Solange Tremblay -


P01 - Can SDG 3 "Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being for All Ages" Be Achieved?
Melissa Haussman -
Céline Mavrot -
P02 - Health Policy and the Dynamics of Centralization and Decentralization
karsten vrangbaek -
Gregory Marchildon -
Pål Erling Martinussen -
P04 - Participation, Conflict and Negotiation
Angeline Ferdinand -
Margaret Kelaher -
P05 - Adapting, Transferring and Reframing Policy: The Role of Evidence
Angeline Ferdinand -
Margaret Kelaher -
P06 - The Global Quest for Universal Health Coverage
Federico Toth -
Michele Castelli -
P07 - Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-Doping Policy
Bertrand Stoffel -
Lindsay Duncan -
Arijit Nandi -
P08 - Collaborative Governance and Health Inequities: Perspectives from Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Sara Van Belle -
P09 - Public Policy and Payment for Performance Programs (P4P/PBF) in Health: in High-, Middle- and Low-Income Countries
Fabiana C. Saddi -
Stephen Peckham -
Lara Gautier -
P10 - Why Health Reforms Fail (and Sometimes Succeed): Applying Public Administration Theory to Policy Implementation of Health Reforms with a focus on Low and Middle-Income Countries
Ashley Fox -
Radhika Gore -
Wenhui Feng -
P12 - Pandemie policy
Philippe Zittoun -