Following the call for panels, the IPPA scientific committee has so far selected 170 successful panels for the ICPP5. The call for papers is now open until 29 January 2021. 


To submit a paper proposal, authors must first choose a panel from the list of panels. Each panel description contains a presentation of its general objectives, its research questions, and its call for papers, which describes the papers that the panel chairs expect to receive. After identifying the relevant panel, the authors need to prepare an abstract (300 to 500 words) which matches the panel criteria. When the abstract is ready, the authors must go through the following steps. 



To submit a paper proposal:

  • Each author must have an account or create an account on the website
  • If the paper has co-author(s) then each co-author must have an IPPA User Account or create one
  • Each author can propose a maximum of 2 paper proposals
  • The same paper proposal cannot be sent to two different panels, otherwise, one of the proposals will be deleted before the selection process. Please send your paper proposal to the most relevant Panel. 


How to submit paper proposals?

1)   Log-in to your account or create one(if you do not have one already)


2)   Go to one of these submission pages (2 ways possible):


     A. If you already identified the panel in which you want to submit your paper proposal, go to the Conference page and click on the “submit a paper” button 

     B. Alternatively, you can also browse the list of panels, identify your panel, and click on the “submit a paper for this panel” button


3)   Fill the form on the website with the following information:


  • Enter the email ID(s) of the co-author(s). Make sure your co-author(s) have an IPPA account
  • Confirm your panel choice from the list of panels
  • Type in the title of your paper
  • Add an abstract of your paper (300 to 500 words) explaining your paper project, your research question, your methodology, and how it fits with the panel's research questions. 


Please note that the paper proposals should not be sent via email to the panel chairs or the IPPA team